Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Week in Pictures

Last week we emptied out a storage that held basically everything I've ever owned minus the clothes and few random things I brought to the house when I moved in with Will.

I planned to immediately unpack the boxes and organize.
That did not happen.

This morning I finally made it to the "kitchen" boxes. Totally forgot I had so many dishes. Also realized I may be a hoarder because I was able to part with only a few of them.

Just a little snappy of me trying to re-organize. Do two people need 35 coffee cups? No, but somehow to me they're necessary.

This little stand off lasted about an hour. Apparently deer aren't afraid of dogs. Or their high pitched barks. Even if it goes on for 30 minutes. I cannot wait till the day we have a privacy fence!

No explanation needed.

Saturday afternoon date to see Prometheus.

Full bar at the movies is a wonderful idea. Escp when the fiancé is dragging me to see a movie I couldn't care less about.

He later kicked my ass in Cincinnati-opoly.

The game he proposed with :)

Sunday morning dog walk =  stop in the Square for coffee.
Something I truly love and will miss about living in the city.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, June 15, 2012

She Lives

So, it's been a while.

I kind of gave up on blogging for a second.

I've still be reading all of my favorites, but posting just fell on the back burner, and I guess that burner wasn't even turned on.

Will is still working full time and earning his Master's at night. I'm working two part time jobs and trying to be wedding planner of the century. Add in trying to plan vacations, two dogs, renovating, and what used to be a pretty active social life, and time is tight. 

It's enough to make you cray. My release has been wine, not the MacBook.

All the life craziness has made me realize I am not really stopping to smell the roses as much as I should. When you're always go-go-go, it doesn't leave you time to stew on the fabulousness of your life.

I was reminded of this last night when basically everyone I know got a call/email/text from me announcing my wedding photographer had posted a few of our engagement pics online.

I was so excited because A) I didn't expect to see the preview for a week and B) they are awesome!

I never take good pictures. Like, ever. So this was a real treat. Sharing my excitement with all my friends really made me remember why I wanted to blog. So I can remember these moments of pure happiness. Look back on them, cherish them, and share them with those not around to experience them the first time.

Our photographer is amazing. We have been so truly blessed to book THE most caring, experienced and just awesome wedding vendors and Brenda @ Pottinger Photography is no exception.

I also had a consult with our wedding make up artist prior to the pics to make sure my face was in tip top shape. Mollie @ BRIDEface is also amazing and really took my look up a notch from what I normally manage to pull together myself.

Most importantly, seeing these pics reminded me of how much I love my fiancé. Experiencing the day to day grind with someone is good for making them seem "normal". Part of the routine. I never ever want to take for granted that I have been blessed with one of the good ones.

Here's the preview. Can't wait to see the rest!

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