Friday, November 14, 2014

5 on Friday

I thought I'd pop in today to link up for 5 on Friday. As usual, we're thrilled over here that it's Friday. A few things that are getting my gears going right now…

50 Shades

I read it. I didn't love it. But I certainly didn't hate it, and I read the whole trilogy, soooo I guess I did love it? Anyhow, the trailers that have been coming out don't look as terrible as expected. I have no clue how they're going to stay true to the story. I feel kind of gross admitting this, but I can't wait to watch it! I know if I go see it with Will he will do nothing but make fun of it the entire time (just like he made fun of it the entire time I read the books), so maybe a girls night will be in order.

Operation Play Room

I am trying to not spend money, but I can't help but pin 100 things a day I want for the play room we're creating for Norah. Below are some of my wants for the room, and here is my entire play room board. I am so excited to have this magical little space for her.

Old Navy

I'm almost over shopping anywhere else. I've gotten some awesome stuff there lately! Really great prices, long sizes, cute clothes, and I don't have to leave the house. Can't beat it. A few of my favorites.

Living Room Issues

It is the greatest challenge in my life right now trying to figure out how to get our TV above the fireplace without a) having wires everywhere or b) drilling/cutting a million holes into the wall because frankly we're just not that skilled if you ask me. Please tell me someone has a solution to this?? It is really throwing off how I want to arrange our furniture, and even worse, ruining where I want to put our Christmas tree. I will figure this out before 2015. Hopefully.

Cute Overload

Obviously, I saved the best for last ;) I swear she gets cuter every day! A few snaps from our week...

Baby Uggs are the cutest. We were gifted two pairs for this little fashionista!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

my husband

So these days I spend basically all my time thinking about/caring for my baby. And that has left the ole blog silent on one other very important topic. My relationship. My husband is not only that, but my best friend. He is just kind of awesome like that!

Why do we look so young?!
Anyway, seeing Will be a father to our daughter is pretty awesome. I get emotional when I see shows or read articles about Dads and their daughters because I know as she grows, his love for her will only get stronger. He will be the dad who lets his daughter paint his nails and the dad to coach the soccer team and the dad who skips work events for dance recitals. I know he will, and that's part of the reason I married him.

I don't write many posts on my relationship because first of all, that's one of the few things I think does NOT belong on this blog, but mainly, because I don't dwell on the details of it a lot. Of course I think of my husband all day long, since you know, we live together and have a baby together. Of course I put in effort every day to be the best wife I can be. But those things happen organically. I talk to him because I want to and I try to be a good wife because I love him. Those things come easy to me and require little to no conscious effort or thought. Even when I'm not being the best I can be.

While marriage is anything but easy, my marriage comes easily to me. If that makes sense.

Just a little shout out to the number one guy in my life. Here's to keeping this guy as my number one priority, so we can be the best we can be for the rest of our family for many, many years to come.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

a day of awesomeness

I'm pretty excited for Thursday. Will is off work, which is a reason to be excited in itself. First up on our agenda is Norah's cardiologist appointment. I normally wouldn't be thrilled to trek an infant to the city in what I'm sure will be dreary, freezing cold weather, but I am really hoping to get some good news regarding her condition. Fingers crossed they tell us we can start weaning her off the medicine. Or that we will be able to soon. That probably won't happen just yet, but here's to hoping.

After the appointment I scheduled myself a postpartum massage. Will bought me a gift certificate for said massage a while back, and this is the first time I've had a chance to use it. After that I'm going to hit up Buy Buy Baby to pick up presents for a few friends, and try and find some white holiday pajamas for Norah to wear during our Christmas pictures. If I can't find any, these bad boys from Gap are on my radar.

I scheduled a mini session with the same wonderful photographer that did Norah's newborn pics, and gender reveal photo shoot, and I am thrilled about it. Originally I planned our Christmas pictures to be outdoors, or maybe somewhere indoors if I could find a place, where we put on fancy clothes and got all decked out. While this would have been awesome, I've put on full makeup and done my hair literally ZERO times since Norah's birth (including our newborn shoot and her baptism… oops…), so I don't know if that really would have been our style. Luckily Michelle (our photographer) posted on the book today that she was looking to book holiday sessions on this lovely set. I reserved our spot ASAP. Pajamas? I think so!

I also have to go to my office and clean out my cube. This will be a bitter sweet moment and tears may be shed. I LOVE my coworkers, and even though I was able to tell them in person that I won't be back, turning in my badge, passing over my files, and taking down my pictures will probably make it way more real. I sometimes forget that I'm done working, and not just on maternity leave.

To round out the day I'm attending a meeting at a local non profit called ProKids to get some information on volunteer opportunities. I tried to convince Will we need a foster kid. Yes I am crazy, and he told me as much, so I figure this is the next best thing. I really believe that if you are blessed and given a lot in this life it is your duty to give back to others. I don't mean with money or donating clothes (even though those things are awesome, just not what I'm looking for). I mean like really getting your hands dirty and making a direct impact on someone else's life. I hope there is something within this organization that I can be a part of, because so many problems people in this city face would be non issues if someone would have stepped in and cared before these people were adults.

Rant over.

Anyway, I am super excited for all of the above, and to end all that craziness by coming home to my awesome husband and rocking my baby to sleep. Life is good!

Monday, November 10, 2014

a little life update

We’ve had quite the busy week or two in our house. Since Norah turned two months I don’t think I’ve even looked at the calendar, and I couldn’t believe it when I realized that she's 10 weeks. 

So what exactly has been keeping us so busy? For one, we had my family in town for Halloween. Always fun to have visitors in the house, and Norah seemed to really enjoy spending time with her grandma and aunt.

Since we knew they’d be in town for the weekend, we decided to schedule Norah’s baptism for November 2nd. We spent that morning scrambling around the house to clean, cook, and get everything ready. I had a melt down about being late (I HATE being late and I feel like we ALWAYS are), but everything came together just like it always does.

For the reception at our house after, I made this potato soup recipe, meatballs, golden applepunch, caramel apple cider (tastes just like caramel apple spice from sbux), and these awesome cookies (thanks Katie!). We also had fruit, veggies, cake, and some other random snacks.

The caramel apple spice was delish. All I did was put apple juice in the crock pot with a few cinnamon sticks on high for a few hours. Remove the cinnamon, stir in some caramel sauce, top with whipped cream and more caramel sauce. Done.

Halloween weekend we also got to see plenty of friends. Once at a neighborhood get together, then again on Saturday at our friends annual Halloween party. I had a blast, besides my best friends Mom convincing me ghosts were real and even new construction homes could be haunted. Needless to say the walk in the pitch dark down our friends wooded, secluded street to my car was extra terrifying.

Will spent some time traveling for work. This is always bitter sweet. Good because he enjoys his work and obviously someone has to bring home the dollars around here, but crappy because it’s not like I really want to be alone with 2 dogs and a newborn. First world problems.

We also decided to do a little home rearranging. We bought a rocker recliner for the living room for me to sit in with Norah, so I don’t have to spend my entire day on our cushy couch, or up in the nursery. It will be a while before the chair is delivered but I am still extra thrilled about this purchase.

We also decided to move the furniture from our office upstairs into our bedroom, and make the office a playroom. This is life changing for me. I absolutely hate wasted space, and our current set up really does not make sense for us. We have a sitting area in our master that is empty besides a couch. Litteraly the only time the maybe 8x10 space gets used is when the dogs decide to sleep there. And we probably use the office for “work” a few hours a week, max. This switch will allow us to have a dedicated place on the first floor for all of our baby stuff, and all the things we use for Norah that I don’t want to have to go upstairs for 10 times a day, but that I also don’t want in the living room. Our living room and kitchen and dining room are all one open space, so it can look cluttered really quickly.

I know as we get more toys and have more kids this clutter situation will only get worse, so I can’t wait to organize and make a dedicated kid space. Plus, I like her room being peaceful and cute, and I was really afraid of what would happen when that space turned from just being a place to sleep to a place to sleep and play and store a bunch (more) stuff.

I also decided to board the dogs, pack up the baby, and spend a few days in Chicago. Traveling that far with a newborn was terrifying, but Norah was a true champ and there were ZERO meltdowns. It was great to spend some relaxing time not worrying about cooking or cleaning, and I'm glad my sisters got to spend a few days with their niece. Norah also took sleeping in a new environment like a champ. I've got a pretty awesome baby on my hands.

Just hanging out at Grandmas
Mom life ;)
While in Chicago I also met up with an old friend at a bar called The Beer Market. Or maybe just Beer Market? Either way, they had over a hundred beers. It was awesome and I can't wait to take Will there.

And that my friends is about all we’ve been up to. Here's to being home and another week back on the grind.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

random foolishness and inner dialogue

Things I think/do that make absolutely no sense. We will call these amateur mistakes.

Lay in bed/on the couch literally willing myself to get up and pump, for like 20 minutes, therefor waisting 20 minutes of my time, when pumping actually takes about 12 minutes.

Driving to Chicago without my husband, with my 9 week old.

Waiting to pack for previously mentioned trip until the morning we are supposed to leave.

Packing 100 articles of clothing knowing I will leave the house once the entire week.

Going to Target and walking down the Christmas decorations aisles thinking I can resist buying anything. #basic

Things that are constantly running through my head. Like 5 times a day constantly.

Is it just me, or can Taylor Swift do no wrong?

Will I ever sleep in again?

Can I just rename by blog "Blog"?

What about "Brittany's Blog"? That's creative, right?

I swear, we live 15 minutes away from everything… but not 5 minutes away from anywhere. First world problems.

Is it warm enough to go on a walk? Is the baby cold? *turns up heat*

Five minutes later…

Is the baby hot? *turns down heat*

How long have I been wearing these contacts?

How long have I been wearing these yoga pants?

I'm not holding the baby enough.

I'm holding the baby too much.

Did I brush my teeth today? When did I last shower?

Is it coffee time or wine/beer time?

That's all for now.

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