Wednesday, November 12, 2014

a day of awesomeness

I'm pretty excited for Thursday. Will is off work, which is a reason to be excited in itself. First up on our agenda is Norah's cardiologist appointment. I normally wouldn't be thrilled to trek an infant to the city in what I'm sure will be dreary, freezing cold weather, but I am really hoping to get some good news regarding her condition. Fingers crossed they tell us we can start weaning her off the medicine. Or that we will be able to soon. That probably won't happen just yet, but here's to hoping.

After the appointment I scheduled myself a postpartum massage. Will bought me a gift certificate for said massage a while back, and this is the first time I've had a chance to use it. After that I'm going to hit up Buy Buy Baby to pick up presents for a few friends, and try and find some white holiday pajamas for Norah to wear during our Christmas pictures. If I can't find any, these bad boys from Gap are on my radar.

I scheduled a mini session with the same wonderful photographer that did Norah's newborn pics, and gender reveal photo shoot, and I am thrilled about it. Originally I planned our Christmas pictures to be outdoors, or maybe somewhere indoors if I could find a place, where we put on fancy clothes and got all decked out. While this would have been awesome, I've put on full makeup and done my hair literally ZERO times since Norah's birth (including our newborn shoot and her baptism… oops…), so I don't know if that really would have been our style. Luckily Michelle (our photographer) posted on the book today that she was looking to book holiday sessions on this lovely set. I reserved our spot ASAP. Pajamas? I think so!

I also have to go to my office and clean out my cube. This will be a bitter sweet moment and tears may be shed. I LOVE my coworkers, and even though I was able to tell them in person that I won't be back, turning in my badge, passing over my files, and taking down my pictures will probably make it way more real. I sometimes forget that I'm done working, and not just on maternity leave.

To round out the day I'm attending a meeting at a local non profit called ProKids to get some information on volunteer opportunities. I tried to convince Will we need a foster kid. Yes I am crazy, and he told me as much, so I figure this is the next best thing. I really believe that if you are blessed and given a lot in this life it is your duty to give back to others. I don't mean with money or donating clothes (even though those things are awesome, just not what I'm looking for). I mean like really getting your hands dirty and making a direct impact on someone else's life. I hope there is something within this organization that I can be a part of, because so many problems people in this city face would be non issues if someone would have stepped in and cared before these people were adults.

Rant over.

Anyway, I am super excited for all of the above, and to end all that craziness by coming home to my awesome husband and rocking my baby to sleep. Life is good!
Erin LFF said...

Sounds like a pretty fabulous Thursday!!! Enjoy that massage- you definitely deserve it :) I love the last paragraph on this so much. Adoption and fostering are both heavy on Jared and I's hearts and hope to be able to help and bless many kids one day. I haven't heard of ProKids- going to check them out now :)

Brittany said...

I've never heard of prokids before. I did used to volunteer at big brothers big sisters which is like a mentoring program. I am 100% with you on giving back in meaningful ways. Helping those that truly need it is my passion.

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