Friday, June 27, 2014

this and that

Wow. This week seriously FLEW by. We have a fun but relaxing weekend of to-do's, eating out, and shopping planned, so TGIF. Linking up with Leslie today for some confessions.

...I should just change the name of this blog to "Baby Brain Dump", because that seems about all I'm posting on lately. #Pregnantpersonproblems? I'm kind of sorry, but kind of not!

...Tonight I'm going to buy some baby friendly detergent and get to washing all of Norah's bedding and clothes. I have a feeling this task is going to be a lot harder than I anticipated. Other bambina related tasks for the weekend include looking for a mirror to put above the changing table, ordering size dividers for the closet, and starting to pack my hospital bag.
...The only thing in my fridge is condiments, lettuce, and pop. The grocery store is my biggest enemy these days, but I'm determined to do a major shopping trip this weekend so we don't have to go back for a couple of weeks.

...I managed to break my work iPhone and my personal iPhone within about a week of each other. Hello two new 5S's (with OtterBoxes). So glad to no longer be a member of the cracked screen club.

...I had my 32 week appt this morning, and it was extremely uneventful. So much so that the doctor said I can come back in three weeks instead of two. I am happy to be healthy and experience a smooth pregnancy, but this waiting is just so boring. I'm dying for some information. I guess no news is good news. I think I get "checked" at my 35 week appt, so hopefully I will be showing some progress by then. I know said progress could mean nothing, but it will be more exciting than leaving with a "see you in a week".

...I was going through some old pictures I took of Will around the house when I first got my DSLR, and it made me really stop and think. How he has changed a bit in the past six months or so (looks wise). And how lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband!

That's all she wrote. Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Moms. What kind do I want to be?

The kind of mom I want to be.

There are all kinds of Moms. Even though everyone is different, and parenting styles and decisions are unique, I think most parents fall into one camp or another. My Mom is definitely the nurturer, best friend, doting, leave notes in your lunch box and write special messages on crackers with cheese wiz kind of Mom. I could go on about this lady- she is truly great. There are organic/crunchy/whatever you call them Moms, and Moms who believe in kids choosing what they eat and when they go to bed.

I don’t know what the best kind of Mom is, but I know what kind of Mom I personally hope to be to my daughter.

I hope to be firm. While I want my daughter to know that she can come to me for comfort and love, I also don’t wait to do her a disservice. While I believe parents should be a “safe” place, I will not (hope to not) raise a child that thinks she is entitled to everything on this planet just for being her, regardless of her actions. I hope to be firm in my expectations of her grades, extracurricular activities, manners, behavior, and the way she treats others.

I hope to fill her heart with gratitude. My daughter already has more love and material goods as an unborn baby than many children will see their entire infancy. I hope to teach her that though we are very blessed, all of it could be taken away in a heart beat. And more important than that, though we want and value and love all of our “things”, there are much more important parts of life. Also that we should share our good fortune with others who are not as lucky. I want her to know how hard her parents work to give her the things she has, and that iPads don’t grow on trees. That you don’t get something just because you want it, or think you deserve it.

I want to be calm. This will probably be the hardest of the three. I want my daughter to know she can come to me with any question, problem, mistake, or issue- and it will be ok. I will not chastise or yell or lose my cool. We will figure out the best solution together. She might be grounded for 10 years after said solution is found, but I know I will never turn my back on my children- no mistake is that great.

Anyway. It is easy to say what kind of parent I will be while Norah is living inside my tummy, and has essentially no free will of her own. What kind of parent will I be when she is out here in the real world, making her own choices and developing her own personality?

We will see!

Monday, June 23, 2014

birthday and baby showers

Linking up with Kristin today!

It's just before 9:00pm and I am ready. to. crash. Luckily I've got a little adrenaline from the weekend left in me to pump out this blog post, because I want to share before I get busy (or lazy) and forget all the details.

This weekend was absolutely one for the books. My weekend technically started on Thursday night since I decided to take off Friday in honor of my 26th birthday. I had a busy week at work training the contractor we brought on to cover my maternity leave, so by Thursday at 5 I was more than ready to not thinking about work for a few days. Late that night my Mom and sisters got in, and that is of course when the fun really began. My Mom is a blast, and teenage girls sure don't lack in the energy department, so when we're together it's always a mile a minute.
Birthday flowers from Will. Not sure how roses become tie dye, but I'm a fan.
Friday we ran some errands, shopped, went to lunch, and just enjoyed the day together. When Will got home from work we went out for my birthday dinner. I chose a hibachi restaurant for the main course, and a DQ ice cream cake (my favorite) for  dessert. After running around all day and evening it was all I could do to crawl up to bed. It is 110% true that you really need to take it easy in the third trimester. I keep forgetting this, and I've paid for it.

Mom hosted a shower for me at my house on Saturday. We spent the morning getting ready for that, the afternoon enjoying the shower, and the entire evening eating leftover food. I swear I ate my weight in fruit, desserts, and dip this weekend. I don't regret a bite. I tried to put a few things away that evening (clutter = hate) but only made it about half way through before I had to hit the hay. Will was out at a bachelor party, so I didn't have him there to assist. You can see below that my temporary assistant wasn't really helpful. 

Texting selfies to Will. This is my concerned face about all the stuff crammed in to one weekend.
Sunday morning my family left, and I am a maniac who can't sleep in, so we were up and at em pretty early. Will and I opted for take out for breakfast, then I hurried to get ready for the day. I had a pregnancy massage (heaven) at noon, then headed straight to my sister in law's for my final baby shower with Will's Dad's side of the family.

Everything was beautiful, and we got wonderful presents. It was pretty surreal to be in a house full of little girls (that side of our family is full of them), and I can't wait to add ours to the mix. On of Will's cousins has a 3 month old daughter, so I'm glad Norah will have a built in little play mate at all our family gatherings to come.

All in all, it was an excellent weekend. All of the friends and family that went out of their way to buy such special gifts for Norah, spend their weekend with us, and pass along their advice is overwhelming in the best kind of way. I can't believe I'm another year older, and our little Norah-Belle (Mom and I both started randomly calling her that, so maybe it will be her nick name?) will be here in just  about two months. Time flys when you're having fun!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

what. a. day.

What a freaking Monday.

I started out the day just like everybody wants to start out their Monday- being woken up around 2am and then again around 4:30 am to let their dogs outside. I’m not complaining, since generally their solution to the middle of the night potty break is to just pee on my carpets. Seriously- why do house trained dogs randomly do this? SO ANNOYING. Anyway, after a night of on and off, frequently interrupted sleep, I managed to get up for the day around 7:15- about 20 minutes later than I should get out of bed. Luckily I still managed to squeeze in enough time to make smoothies for breakfast for Will and I, and there was basically no traffic on the way to work, which never happens. So I thought the day was looking up.

Work was crazy and hectic, but it always is so nothing new there. The stress of the day to day is really starting to wear on me, but at least it makes the time go fast. I (foolishly) decided to try and be super productive by working late, then going to Kroger to get some groceries. It seemed like a good decision, escp since I picked up some bakery sugar cookies that I couldn't find the last time I was there… until I dropped my phone. The screen shattered into a billion pieces, and I am not part of the cracked screen iPhone club. Sigh. I think I have insurance, so I am trying not to register any hatred toward this mistake just yet.

I had the brilliant idea to make some pasta salad, zuppa toscana, and spinach lasagna roll ups to get us through the next couple of dinners and lunches, and maybe freeze. This turned out wonderfully, except now my kitchen is a disaster and I didn't finish cooking until 9:30. WELL past my “sit down and rest” time.

On the plus side, the new entry way table I FINALLY ordered after MONTHS of deliberation came, and I cannot wait to have Will put it together.

Also on the plus side, Norah has been moving a mile a minute (which is super fun and cheers me up), I’m just a week and a half away from a doctors appt, and I have both my showers and pregnancy massage to look forward to this weekend. And most wonderfully I took off work on Friday for my birthday, so bring on the three day weekend. Oh yea, I turn 26 in just a few days. Funny how the older you get, the less birthdays seem exciting.

Between all the ups and downs, my Monday basically evened out. Here’s to a less eventful Tuesday! The dogs already had their month;y "accident" this morning, so it can only go up from here, right?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks

How far Along: 30 weeks. It's pretty surreal to be in the 30's countdown wise. Baby could very easily come some time in the next few/several weeks, so things are getting pretty real!

Size of Baby: She's about the size of a butternut squash measuring over 15 inches long, and weighing over 3 pounds. Lengths and weights really start to vary at this point, so that could be a little off. All of my OB appointments have been very early in the week (Mondays or Tuesdays usually) when my week change date is actually Friday. I made my 32 week appt on a Friday so I can get what is hopefully a more accurate measurement of how I'm measuring.

Gender: Pink, pink, pink.

Weight Gain: Just about 30 pounds. I cannot believe I've packed on this much weight. Luckily, I still don't have any swelling and my face looks the same. I was dreading the possibility of a chubby face and fatter arms. As long as those things stay the same, we're good. I know I could gain 5-10 more pounds easy in the next 2 months, which is kind of scary. I never thought in a million years I would be one of those people who gain close to 50 pounds. I guess we'll see! So far my doctor has been happy with my weight, so that is what counts.

Feeling: Impatient. A little testy with people's incessant questions, though I also get testy when I feel like people do not appreciate the fact that I'm pregnant. I think we're just a lose lose point in the pregnancy temperament wise. Trying to focus on how special this experience is rather than the annoyances that come along with it.

Maternity Clothes: Living in them, though I do mix in a piece of regular clothes here and there.

Nursery: Just about finished. After our showers next weekend when we've had a chance to put everything away, I plan to post a nursery reveal. I love the way it's turned out and can't wait to share.
Movement: She has been all over the place lately, and I'm loving it. I know movement can slow down a bit in the final weeks, and I'm a bit paranoid about that. Hoping I have an easy time distinguishing between her being less active because of space, and what could be signs of a problem.

Symptoms: Back, shoulder, and neck pain. Getting worn out pretty easily. Shortness of breath.

Sleep: Still no major issues. Waking up once a night or so, but I can usually get back to sleep within an hour.

Cravings: Fresh fruit and cereal.

What I Miss: Definitely ready to be able to enjoy beer and wine again. This week was my best friends bacheloretty party, and the whole time I could not believe I was missing out on the alcoholic portion of the night's events. It wasn't too horrible since it's obviously well worth it, but what party isn't better with a drink?!

Best Moment This Week: Hitting the "30's". Seeing all my best friends. Will's semi first Father's Day.

Looking Forward To: Seeing tons of friends and family at my baby showers this weekend. Also looking forward to the showers so we can go ahead and purchase whatever we don't receive, and be fully stocked for Norah's arrival. My pregnancy massage and pedicure finally coming up.

Thankful For: A healthy pregnancy. Hopefully finalizing my last day plans for work this week. Supportive friends and family.

We are so ready to meet our girl. And I am super fascinated to see if I will deliver early or late. I know a lot of people say first time Moms deliver late, but I've also found a lot of stories that say otherwise. We will see!

Monday, June 9, 2014

29 week itch

I wish I could count the number of times in the past several weeks that the words "Great" or "Can't complain" have come out of my mouth. Every time a coworker or friend asks me how I'm doing, those are my go to responses. My Mom, Will, and friends who are pregnant themselves or recently have had children of their own get a more candid answer, but do all those other people really want to hear how I feel? About how my shoulders feel like I haven't stretched or moved at all for that matter in decades? How it's impossible to get comfortable, my lower back is in knots, I am constantly afraid of wetting my pants, and how it takes more effort to get from a sitting to standing positing (forget laying down to standing) than it would take me to run up and down the stairs 10 times pre pregnancy?


Basically, I am hitting that point in pregnancy where I'm just over it. I am obviously so thankful for this experience. I love that I get to be the one carrying our little girl and bringing her into this world. I love that I get to feel the kicks and be there for every single second of this journey. Seriously, the kicks and feeling her move are THE best ever. I am most of all thankful that it was so easy for me to get pregnant in the first place, and Norah and I have both been pretty healthy every step of the way. But even though all that is true, the pain and discomfort and sleepless nights and haywire emotions eventually start to ware on a person. And for me, that time is here.

To me pregnancy is kind of comparable to planning a wedding. You find out the big day is going to come, be it a baby's birth or the ceremony. And once the date is determined, you have x amount of months to prepare for it. The first few months are joyous and celebratory. The next few are filled with tons of planning and research and decision making. But then there comes the final stretch. For some people, this final stretch might be calm, exciting, and just a time to savor before everything changes. Not for this girl.

The last few months of my engagement, I was over it. Over people asking me millions of questions. Over hearing unsolicited opinions on this or that. Over the waiting for the climax. I just wanted to be married to my husband and start that chapter of our lives. That is where I'm at now with pregnancy.

While it's a little more important for a baby to grow and develop and thrive in the last few months of pregnancy than for me to get my way about just wanting the whole thing to be done, it's the same concept. These last few months, while important for Norah, are just giving me too much time to think. Too much time to dwell on things that really don't matter. Too much time to be physically uncomfortable and lose sight of the prize- our daughter. I know there is a reason pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, but good grief I hope the  final quarter of this marathon isn't as tough as some of my more recent days have been.

While this is my blog and I can complain if I want to, I feel bad even venting. I am healthy. I am a mere 60 days (EEK!) from my last (scheduled) day in the office. I have a supportive family and husband. I don't have to worry about how I will support my child. There are so many things that could make this final trimester so much more difficult, I know that. But regardless, the third trimester is just a bitch. And I hope it eases up on me a little, or this is going to be a long almost three months. At least it's warm and I have a few options to help me relax. Even if it did take me an hour to find a comfortable position.

As I sit here in the rocker in baby's nursery, trying to find a location where I can be comfortable for more than 30 seconds at a time after my couch and bed have completely turned on me, I know this is just the beginning. I will be 100 times more tired, and perhaps in more pain, than I am right now. The difference is that by then, there will be a little person here to remind me it's all worth it. I can't wait until that day comes. Heres to a healthy home stretch and delivery for me and N so we can get to the good stuff :) And to staying positive and surviving the third trimester.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

goings on

--So I failed pretty miserably at the 28 week pregnancy update. I never took a picture, and I'll be 29 weeks tomorrow, so pretty sure that ship has sailed. More power to those of you that can keep up any type of blog post every week, let alone one requiring a picture of something specific. I just don't have it in me.

--I'm kind of dying to go to the beach. There is no vacation in the cards for us in the year 2014, but I'm hoping next year we can make it to Napa or Rosemary Beach, FL. Maybe even a quick weekend trip to South Carolina. Our trips to Key West, St. Lucia, and Rhode Island in the year or so surrounding our wedding totally spoiled me. I am ready for a vaca!

--In other news, I was joking around with some co-workers today that work was going to put me into an early labor. We are busy, busy, busy, which is wonderful- but also crazy stressful when you're 7 months pregnant. Two of my closest cube neighbors are single guys, and I am pretty sure they were appalled and disgusted at having to help me to get to the hospital should my water actually break at the office. It was quite hilarious. That conversation has me excited to pack my hospital bag. It's still pretty early, but I've got most other things crossed off of my baby to do list. I can't wait to get packing!

My diaper bag. This baby will also serve as the hospital bag for Norah's things, and whatever else doesn't fit in the bag(s) Will and I bring.
--For some reason I ended up on Bloomingdale's website looking at baby clothes today. I actually ordered 3 outfits for around $40! I am obsessed with shopping for baby outfits. I know they say not to go overboard, but how can you not when you are literally creating a wardrobe from scratch. Plus babies are messy, and I hate doing laundry, so can you really have too much baby clothes? Especially for the Fall in Ohio. It could be 40 degrees out, it could be 90!

--My dogs have been acting pretty sketchy lately. I wonder if they sense the baby is coming? Disregard the hot mess hair below, but seriously, what is she doing?

Our dogs totally the type to be standoffish and pretend the baby doesn't exist. They have made NO acknowledgement of my bump or that they know there is  a person in there. Pretty sure they're in denial. On the bright site, they are pretty calm and relaxed in the nursery.

--I had my first middle of the night pregnancy leg cramp. Talk about the worst pain I've experienced probably ever. That I can remember at least. Worst. Ever.

That's all for now. TGI almost F!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks

Picture coming soon!

How far Along: 28 weeks. Hello 7 months, and third trimester. It is so surreal being in the final leg of this journey. We've come so far, but it seems like there's still so much time to go.

Size of Baby: Baby girl is the size of a head of cauliflower or a coconut. About 16 inches and 2.5 pounds.

Gender: Baby girl. Norah Paige.

Weight Gain: Approximately 25 pounds. Slowed down from what I was gaining in months 5 and 6 thank goodness.

Feeling: Still back and forth on this one. For the most part, I'd say I feel great. But there are a few times a day where exhaustion or joint pain hits me, and it's pretty tough. Not to mention walking around my pretty large company at work all day, or trying to bend over, or do housework of any kind, is getting harder by the day.

I also had a bit of an emotion breakdown the other day. I am obviously thankful and EXTREMELY happy with the whole pregnancy experience, but I am kind of hitting the wall for lack of a better term. I am ready to get my body back and start our life with our little girl. Of course I am sure the next 11 weeks or so will just fly by, but right now- it seems like an eternity. People who say they love being pregnant? I do not understand them! As wonderful as it is to be able to bring a person into the world, the act of actually being pregnant is just not doing it for me anymore.

Maternity Clothes: Loving them, just like last month. Also like last month, the only non maternity clothes I can fit into are leggings, athletic shorts, and a few shirts that were too big to begin with, or are very long in length.

Nursery: We've added a decoration here and there, but I won't be adding anything else to the nursery until I see what all we get at the rest of our baby showers.

Movement: So much excitement in this category. I actually had a bit of a freak out because I didn't feel her move much at all one day last week, but besides that, little Norah has been on the go. I can feel distinct movement multiple times a day. This weekend also marked the first time I could see her move from outside of my stomach. It is so awesome to be able to see my tummy make little vibrating motions, and see the overall shape change as she moves positions.

Symptoms: Issues getting from a laying down to sitting up or standing position. Difficulty bending over to put on shoes, get dressed, pick things up off of the ground, etc. Joint aches and pains. Luckily I've begun scheduling the pregnancy spa services Will got me, so I hope those help!

Sleep: No major complaints here. Still going to bed around 10pm and waking up around 6:30am.

Cravings: Still loving cereal and ice cream.

What I Miss: Mobility. Alcohol. Soft cheeses. Pencil skirts.

Best Moment This Week: Entering another month, having a positive doctors appt (I passed my glucose test!), and feeling lots of movement from Norah.

Looking Forward To: Baby showers. More frequent doctor appointments! I just love going to the doctor. It makes me feel like everything is more real.

Thankful For: Entering the third trimester, where baby is able to make it outside the womb if she needs to. Passing my glucose test.
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