Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Norah's 2 Month Update

Little Peanut. This month was a blast, and I think it’s fair to say it was better/easier than last month. We were a little more in the swing of things as parents, and I think you are growing more and more comfortable with your surroundings, our day to day, etc. There was definitely more proactive parenting rather than reactive this month, and we all benefited from that.

You are growing a ton (details below), and everyone comments constantly about how much you’re changing all the time. Everyone also always comments on how alert you are for such a tiny little human. You have big round eyes, just like me, but yours are big and blue like your dad’s. I don’t know if they will stay that way (we think they’ll eventually turn green-ish), but so far, they’re not budging.

Noteworthy news this month is that it’s official. Mom called her boss and let them know that I’d decided to submit my resignation and stay home with you. It was a big decision, but honestly, not a hard one. I love my job, my coworkers, and career. The company I work for is amazing. But nothing compared to spending my days with you. I can’t imagine having someone besides me watch you 50 hours a week. No. Thank you. I may continue to do some work here and there, but we’ll see.


Weight: 10 pounds 6 ounces

Height: 22.75 inches.

The doctor said as far as size goes, you’re tall, but quite petite in the weight department. They assured us that you’re still healthy though, and gaining weight consistently, so the amount you’re eating is fine. Also worth mentioning is that your head circumference skyrocketed at a much higher rate than your height or weight. I thought you may have an average size head like your dad, but looks like you’ve inherited the big noggins that run in my family. Note the too small hat below.

Nicknames: Pea, Pea Pod, Peanut Butter, Nori, Nor

Eating: You’re eating six times a day, at around the same times every day, including one middle of the night feeding. Praise the Lord for that one. The amount you eat per feeding is all over the board. Usually anywhere between just under three ounces, to just over four ounces. We’ve been doing a lot of pumped bottles as opposed to nursing and that’s working out pretty well. I feel a little bit of guilt about not nursing all the time, but frankly, it just stressed me out. Maybe we’ll go back to it. Maybe not. We’ll see.

Sleeping: This is getting so much better. I wanted you in our room for a while longer, but I was getting NO sleep with all the noises you make. Your little sound effects had me awake every 30 minutes, and a chronically exhausted Momma just is not a good thing. We moved you to your crib, and things are so much happier. You go to bed sometime in the 8 o’clock hour, then wake up at 1:30am for medicine and a bottle, then go back to sleep till around 7:00am. The bedtime and wake time are flexible, but the 1:30am wake up is consistent. I think if we didn’t have to wake you for your meds, you would sleep much longer, so I can’t wait for the day we get to find out.

You were/are doing this thing where around 5am you wake up fussing. You’re not hungry, you just want your paci, or you’ve busted out of your swaddle. We’ve noticed if we unswaddle you you’ll go right back to sleep. I think you get a little gassy and cant really work yourself out when you’re all bundled up. I’ve been bringing you into our room at this time so we can keep an eye on you for the rest of the morning as you doze in and out of sleep.

We’d had you in the Halo Sleep Sacks, which you busted out of consistently at this early morning wake up. Last night we tried the Miracle Blanket and it worked like a charm! I will be retiring the sleep sacks for now for sure. We also bought you a bat suit, aka the Love to Dream swaddle, and you love this one too. I feel like it’s weird to use all night, but you love to sleep with your hands up, so this is the go to now for naps and the last few hours of the morning when you are uncomfortable from being all wrapped up all night.

Long story short, you still aren’t a fan of being swaddled, but you wake constantly otherwise, so we’ve almost figured out what works for us.

You are also all about the white noise. Static sounds or ocean wives instantly calm you and usually put you right out.

Naps are still kind of all over the place, but we’re getting there. Still napping better in the mornings than you do in the afternoon.

Diapers: Still rocking Pampers Swaddlers in the daytime and Pampers Baby Dry at night, both in size 1. I want to try out Target brand diapers the next time we run out of Pampers, so we’ll see how that goes.

Clothing: I had to pack up most of your newborn clothes, and it was quite sad. You still fit better in newborn onesies, but you’re up to 0-3 months when it comes to pajamas/sleep and plays and any full body outfits. Pants it depends on the pair. Honestly you’re in between, so most of the time your pants are too big or too small.

Social: You are still pretty happy no matter who holds you, unless you’re over stimulated or need a diaper change. You went through a little phase where I think you preferred to be laid down rather than being held. Or maybe I just try and hold you too much? Is there such a thing? Maybe you’re just an independent little lady. We’ll see! We’re having some family and friends over Sunday after your baptism, and I have to admit I’m a little nervous. I don’t think you appreciate being held by a lot of people in a short period of time, and I know everyone will want their turn. Hopefully there aren’t any melt downs!    

Likes: The Kick n Play piano gym is your jam right now. You are content there for up to maybe 45 minutes at a time, and love to bat your hands at all the hanging animals. The swing is growing on you too. You’re a fan of anything hanging around you that you can hit/look at like your crib mobile, fans, overhead lights, etc. I can tell you’re really starting to notice your surroundings, which is so cool.

Dislikes: Still not a fan of your medication, but I’m getting more efficient at giving it to you, so it’s not so bad. Naps. You always fight sleep when we try and put you down during the day. Your number one hated activity is still being strapped into the car seat.

Firsts: Met more friends. Trip to Dayton for a birthday party. Sleeping all night in your own room. Intentional smiles and expressions (I think).

Mama: I think I’m starting to get into the swing of things and feel like a normal person again. Most of the time. Mostly just loving you and all of your cuteness.

Daddy: Loves playing with you after work, dressing you up in UC clothes, and taking silly pictures with you. He is a rock star dad, as expected.

What we're looking forward to: The holidays. You becoming more alert and just enjoying all your firsts.

We love you Little Pea and there is no way in the world anyone could be happier about anything than I am to be your mamma. I can’t wait to spend every day of the next 18 years, God willing, playing with you and helping you and watching you grow!

One Month Update

Monday, October 27, 2014

the (blog) struggle

So I'm kind of struggling with the ole' blog.

I started this thing way back when because I obsessively followed other peoples blogs, and I wanted to have my own in order to interact, comment, etc. I love to write and am a pretty chronic over-sharer, so it made sense.

It started out with crappy pictures and me chatting about what I was up to. Which was usually nothing. It evolved into a documentation of my relationship + engagement with Will. Our wedding. Our house hunt. And now my pregnancy and the life of my daughter.

I think it's pretty irreplaceable to have all of these memories documented with so much detail, and I've had a blast meeting people along the way. While I only have a few people from the blog world that I consider good friends in "real life", I hope that now that I will have a bit more flexible time on my hands, I can have all those "blates" I've talked about with bloggers that never were able to happen before. I've found some wonderful recipes and perhaps my best parenting tips of all from blogs, so I don't regret this one bit.

That said. I'm struggling. For two reasons. I'm paranoid, and kind of over the "game".

The paranoia is really only centered around Norah. While we keep our home very safe, and I'd never post my address on the internet, try to censor our last name, etc.- people are crazy. I am not sure that I want everyone in the world looking at the inside of my house or my baby. But those are the things I like to post about. So it's a struggle.

And about the games. I just get annoyed when there are blogs I LOVE and have followed for YEARS and now all of the sudden it's like sponsor this, ad that. I get this is a job or side income for some people. And no one is making me read every post. It's just disheartening. I actually don't mind the over abundance of link ups, because I think it's fun to have a prompt and I like discovering new blogs, but those get annoying from time to time too.

The last thing I guess I should mention is that I am not really sure what direction I want this blog to take. It's really always just been about me and my random happenings. Which is cool. But I am truthfully starting to bore myself writing the same dumb crap. Maybe I just need a more exciting life? I don't know.

I often imagine writing really in depth, heartfelt, serious posts. Like about how insane so many things going on in the world are today. How stupid I think politics are most of the time. How ridiculous it is that it's still a bit of a "thing" that I'm in an interracial marriage, and the conversations I am preparing myself to have with my daughter about being "mixed".

But then I wonder if that's too heavy. If I want to put myself out there like that. If it's even worth writing because isn't there enough bitching going on on the internet?

Whatever. The point is, this blog may be seeing some changes soon. Maybe with content (but probably not that big of a change there). And hopefully with the name. I really don't like the name of this blog and it's no longer really applicable to where I'm at in life. Unfortunately I've always been HORRIBLE at titling things. In English class or any time I had to write a paper the title was ALWAYS the last thing I wrote. Maybe that's why I have a hard time titling this blog. Since it's never "done", my normal thought process for such things just doesn't work.

Anyway, that's where we're at this Monday morning. We had a pretty fab weekend that included a trip to the mall, a visit with friends, lots of lazy family time on the couch, a nap for me (praise The Lord!), desserts, grilling out, and all kinds of other fun stuff. We even got a picture of Norah that actually had me in it. Even though they're kinda crappy from the iPhone, I'll take it.

Am I the only person that can never remember what happened on Friday by the time Monday rolls around?

Today Norah and I are off to continue the hunt for a living room chair, and tonight Will and I plan to enjoy a nice tasting event at Mad Tree Brewery.

Happy Monday!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Official News! (and other randoms)

I think I've said this here before, but I'll say it again. I never thought staying home, I'd look forward to Fridays as much as I did when I had to work. But that my friends is NOT the case. Friday means W is home with us instead of out of town or at the office all day and night, so there's still plenty to look forward to come 5:00pm on Friday.

1. It's (kind of) official. SAHM STATUS!!

Yesterday I mad one of the most important phone calls I will probably ever make. I picked up the phone and called my boss to let him know I'd decided to stay home with Norah, and I need to put in my resignation. I was nervous as hell every time I thought about making the call, because I hate quitting anything, even if it's for good reason. He was understanding and I really had nothing to be nervous about.

I say kind of in the point above because I may have to go in and finish a few things, and I told them I would consider helping out down the road if they needed some short term or part time work, so I could make my transition out as soon as possible. We will see if that happens. That said, for all intents and purposes I am officially a Stay at Home Mom, and I couldn't be more excited. I spent a lot of time, money, and effort getting my education and cultivating my career, but I do not feel like that is being "wasted" at all. I will probably write a whole separate post on this, as it was quite the controversial decision amongst my friends and family. Nothing gets people going like a discussion of Working Mom vs SAHM.

2. I am late to the baby moccasin train, but since it's starting to get chilly, I'm going to order some for Norah. And they are just about the cutest things ever so I hope I can keep it to a pair or two. Anyone know a particularly good Etsy shop (or other shop) to buy them from?? Speaking of the weather getting cooler, I tried one of Norah's coats on her yesterday. It's size 0-3 months. Guess maybe I should look for a newborn size… Insert laughing with tears emoji here.

3. Speaking of Norah, here are a few of my favorite pics of her from the past week. I especially die over the one of her in the PJ separates. It kills me that she is in pants and a top (as opposed to a onesie) for some reason. Love this child and I have a hard time believing any future children we have will manage to be as cute!

4. This cup. I love my Tervis, I have many of them. But since I found this bad boy at Target thanks to the recommendation of a friend, I haven't looked back. The soft straw is just better to me for some reason (though Will thinks its weird), and I love the colors they come in. Also, since the straw is wide, it helps me drink faster. And I'm convinced it keeps my water colder longer than the Tervis. There are different styles, sizes, and they come with or without handles. I suggest you get one right meow.

5. I just realized we record SEVEN shows on Wednesdays. Seven. It's pretty ridiculous, but I'm not mad. Top Chef Boston. Everything on ABC. Teen Mom 2. The trashiness abounds. I have to have something on in the background all day right?!

I'm still on the hunt for somewhere free to watch Parenthood Season 5. If I don't find a solution soon, I may end up paying the thirty something bucks to buy it on iTunes. I have a TV obsession. At least I admit it?

That's all for now! TGIF! Linking up for 5 on Friday today!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Though you may not be able to tell it from this blog, I have been up to a few things besides just changing diapers and figuring out how to take care of a baby. Though that is still 90% of my day, a few other exciting things are happened too.

For Christmas, Will is getting me a new chair for the living room. You know you're old when all you want for Christmas is a chair with good back support. I've had back issues my entire adult life, and sitting on our soft-ish couch with the baby just isn't cutting it. I love our nursery, but can't wait to be able to rock Norah downstairs in front of the fire and my favorite window all winter. We're going to try and get out to a few different furniture stores, but right now I'm leaning toward the Wingback Convertible Rocker or the Charleston Upholstered Convertible Rocker, both from Pottery Barn Kids. Color choice is TBD. One day this week Norah and I are going to hit the mall and give them a test drive. I can't wait!

Speaking of Christmas, can you believe it's in like 8-9 weeks! Which means Thanksgiving is even sooner! To say I'm excited for the holidays this year is an understatement. I can't wait to include Norah in all of our family traditions, and create plenty of new ones to continue with her and our other future kiddos for the rest of our lives. I've already spotted a few things online I want to buy.make to add to the holiday season at our casa. I already have a Fall + Winter Holiday Pinterest board, but I created one specifically for Christmas 2014 since I want this to be the best yet.

We're also planning a small get together with friends and family for Norah's baptism, which will take place the Sunday of Halloween weekend. We're not doing anything fancy, but I still want to plan a few dishes to make for whoever stops by after for lunch, and some yummy drinks. I also need to figure out what I'm going to wear. I'm in between regular and maternity clothes right now, so hopefully I can find something in my closet that will work.

Last but not least, my baby does NOT stop getting cuter. She just doesn't. Couldn't write a post without a couple of the later pics of Miss Norah! I can't believe she's almost two months. Love this little peanut more than I thought possible.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

breastfeeding: aka holy %$@!

When Norah was born, I barley had a chance to look at her before she was rushed to the NICU, much less have an opportunity to attempt breastfeeding. While she was in the NICU, and later when she was transferred to Children's Hospitals CICU, she was fed through feeding tubes. At some point in her stay, I think at the end of the first day, they took her off the feeding tubes and had my husband feed her her first bottle. I think she drank something like 2 or more ounces of milk from said bottle. Which is a TON.

If you know anything about breastfeeding (which at the time I didn't), you know no mother on earth produces 2 ounces of colostrum (milk) on a baby's first feeding. Despite Norah being fed this huge amount of formula before I got to her, when we did reunite on her 2nd day of life, she latched on like a champ. I spent very little time with the lactation consultants because it appeared both she and I were "naturals" at breastfeeding.

And then everything went to hell.

One thing the LC did stress to me was that I should NOT give her any more bottles. She clearly could breastfeed, so I should wait for her to latch again no matter what. Nipple confusion and all that (which I am not even sure if that's a real thing). She'd eat when she was hungry.

Several loud, stressful, tearful (for me and baby), attempts at breastfeeding- and seven hours later- Norah had not eaten since her last bottle given that morning before my arrival. When the nurse realized how long it had been since she'd eaten, she quickly threw the LC's advice to the wayside and insisted Norah needed a bottle of formula immediately. We quickly complied. I was too exhausted mentally and emotionally to make my own decisions at this point, and I was listening to whatever the latest nurse or doctor or LC (there were a lot of them) told me, without question. This was my first mistake. But anyway, we complied, and she sucked down a few more ounces of formula, making me feel like I'd been starving her all day. It was horrible.

I'd starved my baby, had no idea what I was doing, literally could not breast feed to save my life, and my daughter was clearly in extreme physical distress every time I tried to feed her. Screaming, red faced, arched back, the whole bit. On top of it all, every time I tried to pump, I'd get barley a few drops to save in a pathetic little container to mix with the formula we'd feed her. I remember the first time I got about a fifth of an ounce, it was like gold.

Anyway, by the middle of the night, 12 or so hours into this ordeal, I was breaking. Our nurse was young, maybe early 20's, and I don't think she had any children. She was really friendly, but couldn't really offer me any personal advice every time she came in and saw me sobbing because I was chained to the pump with nothing happening, or trying to nurse my baby as she threw a huge tantrum, the wires she was attached to flailing all over the place. They'd tried to summon a lactation consultant to help me again a few times, but there wasn't one available. That's what I get for giving birth on Labor Day Weekend I guess. The hospital was very short staffed.

But after seeing how pathetic our situation was becoming, the nurse had asked her supervisor to come have a talk with me. I wish I knew this woman's name and could send her a thank you card, a bottle of wine, and 200 dozens of cookies. She was so encouraging, nice, supportive, and informative- I wish she could have stayed in our room all night. She assured me that breastfeeding was hard, it wasn't just me, and that it would get better. She promised me that things would turn around once we got home and out of the stressful environment of the hospital and over the unknown of everything related to Norah's heart condition.

Most importantly, she assured me it was OK to supplement with formula if that's what it took. We had a really helpful LC come the following morning who gave me the same advice. I will never forget her words "As a mom, your number one job is to feed your baby, whether it be through a bottle or through breastfeeding. Just feed your baby". I really needed that validation for some reason. I'm not a doctor, and I can't say medically what is best or who out of all the people I spoke to at the hospital were the most knowledgeable, but that advice lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. It allowed me to relax, freed my emotions up to be strong for our daughter, and most importantly; get her the nourishment she needed.

Luckily, that head nurse was right. Though we continued to give her formula the rest of our hospital stay, I was still set on breastfeeding. Just in case, we went out and bought a bunch of formula assuming we'd be supplementing. We didn't even end up needing it (though we've used it here and there). My miracle nurse was right. As soon as we were home, everything fell into place, and Nori has been breastfeeding like a champ ever since.

That's not to say that there hasn't been ups and downs. Breastfeeding is hard. Really hard, and a ton of work. I can totally see how people give up before they even really get started. Or how they can't make it as long as they initially intend. People warned me it would be challenging, but frankly I think I can do anything I set my mind to, so I thought I wouldn't suffer from the issues others did. HA is all I can say to that.

My goal is to breastfeed 95% of Norah's "food" for at least 6 months, and some days I don't know if I'll make it. I keep myself motivated by not only the fact that I know it's best for the babe (and our wallets), but by just reminding myself that I have a supportive husband, a great breast pump, a good supply, and the time to make it work- which many people don't.

If for some reason though, I had to stop breastfeeding tomorrow, I wouldn't feel guilty. I do NOT believe in feeling bad about myself because I wasn't able to meet some standard that society or whoever sets for moms. I love my baby and will be the best mom I can be, and if breastfeeding can't be a part of that, it is what it is.

Six and a half weeks and going strong. I've started pumping a lot more and feeding her bottles of breast milk during the day, and then just feeding her regularly through the night so I don't have to come downstairs. That works really well for us. It allows me to not feel as pressured, because I know I have bottles ready in the fridge- but still keep up my supply and enjoy the benefits of actually feeding her the old fashioned way at night.

I read somewhere that of all the people in the world, you sure can't look at them as adults and tell who was breastfed and who was not. Though I think it's best/important and is working for us, I really feel for women who suffer for months the way I did those first few days. What kind of breastfeeding journey did you have? 

Friday, October 10, 2014

5 on Friday: Random Week's Goings On

And just like that, it's Friday. Here's a few things that are going on in our world this week.

1. easiest, best, pasta salad

Today Will was responsible for bringing a side dish to work for a bbq themed lunch they're having. I decided to make Caprese Pasta Salad. His mom cooked it a while back for us and we've been obsessed ever since. This is definitely one of those recipes you can throw together depending on taste. All you need is:

Bow Tie Pasta, cooked
Fresh Mozzarella, cubed
Grape Tomatoes, cubed
Fresh Basil, cut into ribbons
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinagar
Salt and Pepper

Combine, chill, and serve. It's amazing.

2. hot yoga

I haven't so much as thought of a workout in about a year. After moving away from my old yoga studio last summer, I pretty much gave up on any type of organized workout. But I'm ready to get back in the game. I've been researching places that offer hot yoga a little closer to my house, and there are a surprising amount of options. If anyone knows a good place in the east/north areas of Cincinnati, I'd love a recommendation.

3. baby sleep

What a mess. Or less a mess and more an adventure I guess. I've read all the books. Heard all the tricks. Gone from being dead set on getting on a schedule by 3 months, to not caring at all when she does what, and everywhere in between. Still not sure exactly where my parenting philosophy will end up lying, but I know one thing- it's hard to figure out. I still can't believe I'm responsible for making 100% of the decisions for this little person and what is best for her. Who gave me a baby?!

4. quote of the week

I saw this online and could not agree more. I really believe there are very few "bad" things in life, just tough things we need to teach us what we need to learn.

5. rodan + fields

I need the scoop. Does anyone have experience using or selling this product? I am considering doing both. I have a friend that swears by it, but I definitely need to do my research.

And that's my five! Linking up with the ladies below. Happy Weekend!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Newborn (first month) Baby Product Faves

I spent hours (and still do spend hours honestly) searching my favorite blogs for "must have" baby products, and bought everything under the sun that we had even the smallest chance of needing. Below are my top 9 favorite products for Norah's first week of life, and why I love them so much. I hope this helps! What were your newborn must haves?

Rock N Play. This is by far my number one favorite. I know all babies are different, but for Norah, the Rock N Play was it. She slept/sleeps like a champ in it, and is even content in it just hanging out for a while. I like that it's lightweight, can be easily rocked with a free hand or foot, and theres no way she could roll off of/out of it.

Swaddle Pods. Swaddling has been a journey for us. We have tried a few different blankets and sleep sacks, with varying levels of success. For the first 4 weeks of her life, the SwaddlePod by Summer was absolutely the best bet. This is what we put her in every night the first month of her life. I like that the zipper was quite and fool proof, and she seemed very comfortable in it. Also, then fact that it is light weight was key since it can get really warm in our room when it's hot out. Norah wasn't able to break out of this due to the zipper, and it kept her arms from darting around, but she was still able to bring them to her chest, which she appears to like. By one month though she is getting a little long for this swaddle, and can pretty easily shoot her fist through the top, so we've moved on. For a newborn though, I think it's perfect.

Dr. Brown's Bottles. We tried Tommy Tippee, Avent, Nuk, and Dr Brown's. Avent is my back up. Tommy Tippee I didn't love right away, but I plan to try them again when she's a little older. Nuk I hated so much I threw it in the trash. But Dr. Brown's- those are the We started with the wide neck plastic 4 oz bottle and it is a dream. I just bought some 8oz standard bottles and I like that those have a slightly smaller (width wise) nipple. I'm not sure why I love these honestly. I guess because Norah took to them the best, and they help prevent gas. We are breastfeeding but still had to introduce a bottle right away, and we've had no issues with "nipple confusion".

Madela Pump + Hands Free Bra. I love my pump. I haven't tried others, but this one works like a dream and is easy to use. I haven't had to take it anywhere, but I think it would travel well. I also LOVE the hands free pump bra and I seriously doubt I'd be able to pump as often as I do without the bra. I can still handle the baby, work on the computer, eat, etc while pumping, so I barley have to waste any time just sitting at the counter.

Baby Log App. This was recommended to me by a friend and it's wonderful. She also recommended I bite the bullet and just buy the paid version off the bat, because the free version would expire and all my data wouldn't transfer. I totally forgot and it sure wouldn't, so that was a pain, so I wish I could have gotten the free version. Anyway, this app allows you to track feeding, pumping, sleep, and diapers. It's really detailed while still being easy to use and user friendly. It's been a life saver when it comes to when I last breastfed, how much Norah ate, which side you're on- all the good stuff that I would NEVER be able to remember. It also includes charts so you can see patterns. Very helpful.

Infant Snuzzler. The nylon or polyester or whatever carseats are made out of are super abrasive and I just didn't want that crap touching my tiny delicate baby. This insert is reversible, with a cool side for summer and fuzzier side for winter. It definitely got the job done.

Baby K'Tan. I was drawn to the K'Tan because it seemed fool proof to put on. It was slightly challenging figuring out which position I liked the best, because there are a lot of options. But once we got that figured out, I fell in love. I like that its cloth so it's soft on her skin, and it's really portable and easier to toss around than a structured carrier.

Ergo 360. While I love the K'Tan, I think it's better for home use. Plus, Will and I couldn't fit the same size. I wanted a structured carrier so we both could use it, and so we'd have something a little more sturdy for going out in public. After A TON of research, I ordered the Ergo 360, and I love it. No complaints and I know we will use it for years.

Ubbi Diaper Pail. For me this is a must. Well higher in price than say a Diaper Genie, but worth every penny. It's sleek looking, comes in lots of colors, uses regular trash bags instead of special inserts, and keeps in the smell 150%. We actually only change diapers in the nursery a few times a day, so it takes a while to fill the pail, and I've NEVER so much as kind of smelled a dirty diaper. Also, I like that it locks so there's no chance the dogs can get into it.

Monday, October 6, 2014

a fun filled, awesomely normal weekend

This weekend was all around amazing. It was the first one we've spent all together as a family since Norah was born that wasn't centered around constant plans or sheer survival mode. I have to say, I didn't hate it.

Our weekend kind of started on Thursday, with a trip into the city for an all you can eat pizza event called Slice Night at Sawyer Point. I hadn't been to that park in forever, and we met up with another couple who we hand't seen since N was born. It was our first official date night without baby and Will and I both really enjoyed ourselves (though we were ecstatic to get the baby back from Will's parents and just be all together again).

On Friday Norah and I met some of my work friends for lunch at Piada. It was great to get out of the house, catch up with some people I've really missed, all while having yummy food. There's no Piada really close to our house, so that made the afternoon even more special.

Friday after Will got home from work, we had some friends over for dinner and just to hang out. We always have fun when we see them and this was no exception. Norah wanted to stay up and party, totally skipping her evening nap, so by bed time she was pretty worn out. I felt bad that we may have kept her up by having people at the house, but hopefully that was just a random coincidence.

On Saturday I woke up, got a bottle ready for Will to give to Norah, and headed out to do some solo shopping. I went to a local consignment sale then stopped by Goodwill just to see if I could find anything good.

The consignment sale was specifically children's items and I picked up a wooden high chair, some DVDs, and a few clothing items. I found some holiday decorations and a cute jacket for Norah at Goodwill, and everything in the store was 50% off, so that was a win as well. I love just looking around at random things people want to sell, and feeling like I got something for a good deal, so it was a great morning.

Below is the high chair I bought. I already tossed the gross cushion. Can't wait to spruce up this bad boy! I may just take a furniture pen to the nicks and scrapes, but I am leaning more toward painting it white or a fun pastel color. If I really get it together I may find some pretty fabric and attempt making a new pad so it's more comfortable.

I picked up my favorite Holtman's Donuts on my way home from shopping, and was back with my little fan by 10am or so for breakfast. We hung out for a few hours then decided to head out for some family fun. We went to Rally House to pick up some new UC gear, Whole Foods for pumpkin beer and fresh caramel apples, then ended the trip with a stop at the mall for a sushi dinner and to grab a birthday present for Holly.

By the time we got home we were all beat so I gave Norah to bath and put her right to bed, and we went to bed not long after. We managed to watch the (ugly) UC game, and that was about the highlight of the evening.

As you can see someone was less than thrilled to be taking pictures with Mom!

Sunday morning I made us breakfast and we basically just hung out all day. I actually had time to blow-dry my hair for the first time since Norah was born, and it. felt. good. We had another friend stop by to se le bebe, and we ended the night with cheeseburger wraps for dinner, the pumpkin beer we'd got at whole foods to try, and the Bengals game.

I have to admit, I al GLAD I don't have to face work after such a busy and fun filled weekend. Hopefully Norah is on the same page as I am and wants to take it easy Monday! We also decided over the weekend my Christmas present would be a new chair for the living room that is comfortable for me to sit in with the baby. Our cushy couch is just not getting along with my back these days. Maybe we'll get out for a bit tomorrow and head around town to test out a few. I am THRILLED at new chair, but absolutely the OPPOSITE of thrilled at having to drive all around town to find one I like that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I am spoiled by the ease of online shopping, but this just isn't something you can buy online.

Here's to an awesome weekend. I can't wait to fill this fall with plenty more just like it!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

to do in october

In this house, we like to be organized. Whether its a file folder, office drawer, computer folder, notebook, list, calendar, or something else- there is a "place" for every thing or idea or schedule or to-do. With a new baby, some of that has gone out the window. I think we're still holding our own in the organization department, but I can definitely seeing some things start to slip. Now that I have my head above water in the mothering department, I'm determined to make this fall (particularly this month), a good one for getting things done.

*sidenote* As of last weekend, Will and I have officially known each other for three years. We met at a happy hour event the last weekend of September in 2011. I can't believe how much we've packed in the last 36 months! Moving in together, getting engaged, planning and having a wedding, vacations, selling a house, buying a house, having a baby. Love this life we live!

This is my list of to-do's for the month, or things we've already put into place to help ourselves out.

-Scheduled regular house cleaning

I always laughed at people who aren't "rich" that have house cleaners. What a waste of money. I'd especially laugh at people who had them when one spouse is home all day (aka me). Until now. I have no idea how people manage to keep their homes clean with babies and two shedding dogs, but until I figure it out, we'll be having our house cleaned every other month. Obviously I will handle the day to day, but I just don't see myself scrubbing baseboards or windows very frequently, and I cannot stand a dirty house!

-Create a day to day cleaning schedule

See above. The "just do whatever when you have a spare minute" is working for now, but I'd feel better with a schedule.

-Start/maintain Shutterfly photo books

I want books on the pregnancy, Norah's first year, possibly our first year of marriage or the first few years of our relationship. I started one this morning that I think will encompass our pregnancy and monthly updates of Norah's first year. Not sure if that makes sense, or if those should be two separate books. Either way I am PUMPED for this new project. We have so many pictures and I am hesitant to cover all the walls with them. It'll be nice to have a way to display them without wallpapering the house. We have photo books of our engagement photos and wedding photos that I love. Can't believe I didn't start this sooner.

-Fix a few things around the house

Just a few things like mend dining room curtains, find a mirror for the nursery, buy or make curtains for the master.

-Get a jump start on Christmas presents

Will is purchasing gifts for the men in our family this year and I am in charge of the ladies. I already had something picked out for our Moms and I think my sisters. So just our grandmas, sister in laws, and niece to go. We are going light on the presents for Norah this year. I know she will get a million presents from other family members, and at 4 months old something tells me she won't know the difference.

-Semi no spend October (home, family, and gift purchases are ok- random crap for myself is not)

I went a little crazy in August and September with buying things for myself. I don't regret a thing considering I was pregnant and bored, or felt like I deserved some rewards for having a baby. But that ship has sailed, time to get back to the budget.

-Meal plan

It gets harder and harder to decide what to cook for dinner each night. For my sanity and our wallets, this just needs to happen.

-Take better care of myself

I'm not a person who diets, but I do like to eat things that make me feel good (most of the time). That is more important than ever since I am now taking care of someone else all day long instead of just myself, and since I'm breastfeeding. Yesterday I had no breakfast, then a Cliff Bar and 3 day old tortilla chips from Chipotle for lunch. That's probably an issue. I really believe I can't be positive in my marriage or the best Mom that I can be unless I'm at my best, and food is a big part of that.

Let's do this October!
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