Friday, October 24, 2014

Official News! (and other randoms)

I think I've said this here before, but I'll say it again. I never thought staying home, I'd look forward to Fridays as much as I did when I had to work. But that my friends is NOT the case. Friday means W is home with us instead of out of town or at the office all day and night, so there's still plenty to look forward to come 5:00pm on Friday.

1. It's (kind of) official. SAHM STATUS!!

Yesterday I mad one of the most important phone calls I will probably ever make. I picked up the phone and called my boss to let him know I'd decided to stay home with Norah, and I need to put in my resignation. I was nervous as hell every time I thought about making the call, because I hate quitting anything, even if it's for good reason. He was understanding and I really had nothing to be nervous about.

I say kind of in the point above because I may have to go in and finish a few things, and I told them I would consider helping out down the road if they needed some short term or part time work, so I could make my transition out as soon as possible. We will see if that happens. That said, for all intents and purposes I am officially a Stay at Home Mom, and I couldn't be more excited. I spent a lot of time, money, and effort getting my education and cultivating my career, but I do not feel like that is being "wasted" at all. I will probably write a whole separate post on this, as it was quite the controversial decision amongst my friends and family. Nothing gets people going like a discussion of Working Mom vs SAHM.

2. I am late to the baby moccasin train, but since it's starting to get chilly, I'm going to order some for Norah. And they are just about the cutest things ever so I hope I can keep it to a pair or two. Anyone know a particularly good Etsy shop (or other shop) to buy them from?? Speaking of the weather getting cooler, I tried one of Norah's coats on her yesterday. It's size 0-3 months. Guess maybe I should look for a newborn size… Insert laughing with tears emoji here.

3. Speaking of Norah, here are a few of my favorite pics of her from the past week. I especially die over the one of her in the PJ separates. It kills me that she is in pants and a top (as opposed to a onesie) for some reason. Love this child and I have a hard time believing any future children we have will manage to be as cute!

4. This cup. I love my Tervis, I have many of them. But since I found this bad boy at Target thanks to the recommendation of a friend, I haven't looked back. The soft straw is just better to me for some reason (though Will thinks its weird), and I love the colors they come in. Also, since the straw is wide, it helps me drink faster. And I'm convinced it keeps my water colder longer than the Tervis. There are different styles, sizes, and they come with or without handles. I suggest you get one right meow.

5. I just realized we record SEVEN shows on Wednesdays. Seven. It's pretty ridiculous, but I'm not mad. Top Chef Boston. Everything on ABC. Teen Mom 2. The trashiness abounds. I have to have something on in the background all day right?!

I'm still on the hunt for somewhere free to watch Parenthood Season 5. If I don't find a solution soon, I may end up paying the thirty something bucks to buy it on iTunes. I have a TV obsession. At least I admit it?

That's all for now! TGIF! Linking up for 5 on Friday today!

Erin LFF said...

Congrats Momma!!!! SAHM status is so exciting! :) I will say, I don't think I know what you did/where you worked lol- but I'm really happy for you! And that pic of Norah in her coat made me LOL!

P!nky said...

Those baby pictures are soooooo cute!!! Congrats on the SAHM status!

Dranrab said...

So for Parenthood Season 5, I signed up for a free month of Netflix precisely for this reason! technically it's my third "free month" but that's what having multiple credit cards is all about. Ha!

Nicky B.

Diana @ wonderfully made. said...

Congrats Mrs. SAHM!!! Love it. I can't wait until I have that opportunity! You'll LOVE it!

Happy Friday! :)

Ashley Frazier said...

Yes what Nicky said it's on Netflix for Parenthood and I record the season airing now so I can just jump right into watching it instead of waiting. Its great you have the option to stay at home don't let anyone make you feel otherwise. Plus if your breast feeding you don't have to worry about pumping somewhere. GO GIRL! the pictures and updates are awesome keep them coming

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

!!!! Praise God for His provision! Love those quoted and your opportunity to stay at home!!! xx

hope @ a cup of Hope said...

How awesome! Ugh, I am graduating this Spring, decided to get my degree after my son who is now 3, was born. But now I am getting knots in my stomach thinking about leaving my babies since I have always been home with them. You are very lucky! Financially, we just won't be able to swing it for me to stay home. It sucks!
Ps. Etsy shop that I used for moccasins is blueberriesforcall super cute stuff!

Shelley said...

congrats on the SAHM status!

Brittany said...

yay for staying home!! So exciting :) I can only imagine how nervous you felt I am terrible at quitting too. The worst.

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