Thursday, October 9, 2014

Newborn (first month) Baby Product Faves

I spent hours (and still do spend hours honestly) searching my favorite blogs for "must have" baby products, and bought everything under the sun that we had even the smallest chance of needing. Below are my top 9 favorite products for Norah's first week of life, and why I love them so much. I hope this helps! What were your newborn must haves?

Rock N Play. This is by far my number one favorite. I know all babies are different, but for Norah, the Rock N Play was it. She slept/sleeps like a champ in it, and is even content in it just hanging out for a while. I like that it's lightweight, can be easily rocked with a free hand or foot, and theres no way she could roll off of/out of it.

Swaddle Pods. Swaddling has been a journey for us. We have tried a few different blankets and sleep sacks, with varying levels of success. For the first 4 weeks of her life, the SwaddlePod by Summer was absolutely the best bet. This is what we put her in every night the first month of her life. I like that the zipper was quite and fool proof, and she seemed very comfortable in it. Also, then fact that it is light weight was key since it can get really warm in our room when it's hot out. Norah wasn't able to break out of this due to the zipper, and it kept her arms from darting around, but she was still able to bring them to her chest, which she appears to like. By one month though she is getting a little long for this swaddle, and can pretty easily shoot her fist through the top, so we've moved on. For a newborn though, I think it's perfect.

Dr. Brown's Bottles. We tried Tommy Tippee, Avent, Nuk, and Dr Brown's. Avent is my back up. Tommy Tippee I didn't love right away, but I plan to try them again when she's a little older. Nuk I hated so much I threw it in the trash. But Dr. Brown's- those are the We started with the wide neck plastic 4 oz bottle and it is a dream. I just bought some 8oz standard bottles and I like that those have a slightly smaller (width wise) nipple. I'm not sure why I love these honestly. I guess because Norah took to them the best, and they help prevent gas. We are breastfeeding but still had to introduce a bottle right away, and we've had no issues with "nipple confusion".

Madela Pump + Hands Free Bra. I love my pump. I haven't tried others, but this one works like a dream and is easy to use. I haven't had to take it anywhere, but I think it would travel well. I also LOVE the hands free pump bra and I seriously doubt I'd be able to pump as often as I do without the bra. I can still handle the baby, work on the computer, eat, etc while pumping, so I barley have to waste any time just sitting at the counter.

Baby Log App. This was recommended to me by a friend and it's wonderful. She also recommended I bite the bullet and just buy the paid version off the bat, because the free version would expire and all my data wouldn't transfer. I totally forgot and it sure wouldn't, so that was a pain, so I wish I could have gotten the free version. Anyway, this app allows you to track feeding, pumping, sleep, and diapers. It's really detailed while still being easy to use and user friendly. It's been a life saver when it comes to when I last breastfed, how much Norah ate, which side you're on- all the good stuff that I would NEVER be able to remember. It also includes charts so you can see patterns. Very helpful.

Infant Snuzzler. The nylon or polyester or whatever carseats are made out of are super abrasive and I just didn't want that crap touching my tiny delicate baby. This insert is reversible, with a cool side for summer and fuzzier side for winter. It definitely got the job done.

Baby K'Tan. I was drawn to the K'Tan because it seemed fool proof to put on. It was slightly challenging figuring out which position I liked the best, because there are a lot of options. But once we got that figured out, I fell in love. I like that its cloth so it's soft on her skin, and it's really portable and easier to toss around than a structured carrier.

Ergo 360. While I love the K'Tan, I think it's better for home use. Plus, Will and I couldn't fit the same size. I wanted a structured carrier so we both could use it, and so we'd have something a little more sturdy for going out in public. After A TON of research, I ordered the Ergo 360, and I love it. No complaints and I know we will use it for years.

Ubbi Diaper Pail. For me this is a must. Well higher in price than say a Diaper Genie, but worth every penny. It's sleek looking, comes in lots of colors, uses regular trash bags instead of special inserts, and keeps in the smell 150%. We actually only change diapers in the nursery a few times a day, so it takes a while to fill the pail, and I've NEVER so much as kind of smelled a dirty diaper. Also, I like that it locks so there's no chance the dogs can get into it.
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