Thursday, October 2, 2014

to do in october

In this house, we like to be organized. Whether its a file folder, office drawer, computer folder, notebook, list, calendar, or something else- there is a "place" for every thing or idea or schedule or to-do. With a new baby, some of that has gone out the window. I think we're still holding our own in the organization department, but I can definitely seeing some things start to slip. Now that I have my head above water in the mothering department, I'm determined to make this fall (particularly this month), a good one for getting things done.

*sidenote* As of last weekend, Will and I have officially known each other for three years. We met at a happy hour event the last weekend of September in 2011. I can't believe how much we've packed in the last 36 months! Moving in together, getting engaged, planning and having a wedding, vacations, selling a house, buying a house, having a baby. Love this life we live!

This is my list of to-do's for the month, or things we've already put into place to help ourselves out.

-Scheduled regular house cleaning

I always laughed at people who aren't "rich" that have house cleaners. What a waste of money. I'd especially laugh at people who had them when one spouse is home all day (aka me). Until now. I have no idea how people manage to keep their homes clean with babies and two shedding dogs, but until I figure it out, we'll be having our house cleaned every other month. Obviously I will handle the day to day, but I just don't see myself scrubbing baseboards or windows very frequently, and I cannot stand a dirty house!

-Create a day to day cleaning schedule

See above. The "just do whatever when you have a spare minute" is working for now, but I'd feel better with a schedule.

-Start/maintain Shutterfly photo books

I want books on the pregnancy, Norah's first year, possibly our first year of marriage or the first few years of our relationship. I started one this morning that I think will encompass our pregnancy and monthly updates of Norah's first year. Not sure if that makes sense, or if those should be two separate books. Either way I am PUMPED for this new project. We have so many pictures and I am hesitant to cover all the walls with them. It'll be nice to have a way to display them without wallpapering the house. We have photo books of our engagement photos and wedding photos that I love. Can't believe I didn't start this sooner.

-Fix a few things around the house

Just a few things like mend dining room curtains, find a mirror for the nursery, buy or make curtains for the master.

-Get a jump start on Christmas presents

Will is purchasing gifts for the men in our family this year and I am in charge of the ladies. I already had something picked out for our Moms and I think my sisters. So just our grandmas, sister in laws, and niece to go. We are going light on the presents for Norah this year. I know she will get a million presents from other family members, and at 4 months old something tells me she won't know the difference.

-Semi no spend October (home, family, and gift purchases are ok- random crap for myself is not)

I went a little crazy in August and September with buying things for myself. I don't regret a thing considering I was pregnant and bored, or felt like I deserved some rewards for having a baby. But that ship has sailed, time to get back to the budget.

-Meal plan

It gets harder and harder to decide what to cook for dinner each night. For my sanity and our wallets, this just needs to happen.

-Take better care of myself

I'm not a person who diets, but I do like to eat things that make me feel good (most of the time). That is more important than ever since I am now taking care of someone else all day long instead of just myself, and since I'm breastfeeding. Yesterday I had no breakfast, then a Cliff Bar and 3 day old tortilla chips from Chipotle for lunch. That's probably an issue. I really believe I can't be positive in my marriage or the best Mom that I can be unless I'm at my best, and food is a big part of that.

Let's do this October!
hope @ a cup of Hope said...

The snacking random stuff throughout the day and forgetting to eat is my weak spot. I always forget. The snack on my three year old's leftovers! I'm not a super organized person. I love a clean house, but its so hard with little ones!

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