Monday, October 6, 2014

a fun filled, awesomely normal weekend

This weekend was all around amazing. It was the first one we've spent all together as a family since Norah was born that wasn't centered around constant plans or sheer survival mode. I have to say, I didn't hate it.

Our weekend kind of started on Thursday, with a trip into the city for an all you can eat pizza event called Slice Night at Sawyer Point. I hadn't been to that park in forever, and we met up with another couple who we hand't seen since N was born. It was our first official date night without baby and Will and I both really enjoyed ourselves (though we were ecstatic to get the baby back from Will's parents and just be all together again).

On Friday Norah and I met some of my work friends for lunch at Piada. It was great to get out of the house, catch up with some people I've really missed, all while having yummy food. There's no Piada really close to our house, so that made the afternoon even more special.

Friday after Will got home from work, we had some friends over for dinner and just to hang out. We always have fun when we see them and this was no exception. Norah wanted to stay up and party, totally skipping her evening nap, so by bed time she was pretty worn out. I felt bad that we may have kept her up by having people at the house, but hopefully that was just a random coincidence.

On Saturday I woke up, got a bottle ready for Will to give to Norah, and headed out to do some solo shopping. I went to a local consignment sale then stopped by Goodwill just to see if I could find anything good.

The consignment sale was specifically children's items and I picked up a wooden high chair, some DVDs, and a few clothing items. I found some holiday decorations and a cute jacket for Norah at Goodwill, and everything in the store was 50% off, so that was a win as well. I love just looking around at random things people want to sell, and feeling like I got something for a good deal, so it was a great morning.

Below is the high chair I bought. I already tossed the gross cushion. Can't wait to spruce up this bad boy! I may just take a furniture pen to the nicks and scrapes, but I am leaning more toward painting it white or a fun pastel color. If I really get it together I may find some pretty fabric and attempt making a new pad so it's more comfortable.

I picked up my favorite Holtman's Donuts on my way home from shopping, and was back with my little fan by 10am or so for breakfast. We hung out for a few hours then decided to head out for some family fun. We went to Rally House to pick up some new UC gear, Whole Foods for pumpkin beer and fresh caramel apples, then ended the trip with a stop at the mall for a sushi dinner and to grab a birthday present for Holly.

By the time we got home we were all beat so I gave Norah to bath and put her right to bed, and we went to bed not long after. We managed to watch the (ugly) UC game, and that was about the highlight of the evening.

As you can see someone was less than thrilled to be taking pictures with Mom!

Sunday morning I made us breakfast and we basically just hung out all day. I actually had time to blow-dry my hair for the first time since Norah was born, and it. felt. good. We had another friend stop by to se le bebe, and we ended the night with cheeseburger wraps for dinner, the pumpkin beer we'd got at whole foods to try, and the Bengals game.

I have to admit, I al GLAD I don't have to face work after such a busy and fun filled weekend. Hopefully Norah is on the same page as I am and wants to take it easy Monday! We also decided over the weekend my Christmas present would be a new chair for the living room that is comfortable for me to sit in with the baby. Our cushy couch is just not getting along with my back these days. Maybe we'll get out for a bit tomorrow and head around town to test out a few. I am THRILLED at new chair, but absolutely the OPPOSITE of thrilled at having to drive all around town to find one I like that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I am spoiled by the ease of online shopping, but this just isn't something you can buy online.

Here's to an awesome weekend. I can't wait to fill this fall with plenty more just like it!
Erin LFF said...

She is such a cutie!!! And you look amazing, Brittany! :) I'm impressed w/ how much you all are getting out and about.. shopping, mall, sushi?! You go!!!

Shelley said...

i'm with erin.. super impressed with how much ya'll are getting out and doing with a newborn! good luck with the chair search, hopefully you guys find something you love quick!

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