Monday, April 29, 2013

bachelorette weekend and the big house reveal

9:51pm. Just now beginning to feel like a normal human being. Holy. Freaking. Hangover. I have NO idea how I managed to drive home from Indy, and no idea how I just survived the previous 12 hours, but I'm glad they are over.

My bachelorette party was an absolute BLAST. We headed to Indy around Noon Saturday and met at the cutest meadery. It had the coolest atmosphere, and the wine and hard ciders were wonderful. After an hour or two there it started to get a little crowded, so we decided to check into the hotel.

My MOH could not have picked a better place for us to stay. The interior was gorgeous with modern industrial decor, exposed beams and brick, that type of thing. The location was also pretty perfect. We played a few games, opened presents, went to dinner, came back to the hotel to change (and rest), then headed out. As usual, I only got a few pics, but the ones we did take actually turned out fab! I am so thankful for my best friends and how long we've managed to keep our little group going strong.

And now. For the big announcement! If you follow me on Pinterest it's pretty obvious what I've had up my sleeve... We bought a house! Technically we're in the process of buying a house. I was going to wait until closing before telling anyone (or talking about it here) just in case, but I should have known that wasn't going to happen. I can't keep my mouth shut about something so exciting! Not to mention, I just found out we'll be living just around the corner from this sweet blogger. Yay for neighborhood friends!

Long story short, here's how this all came to be. I've been in love with the idea of new construction for months. We've met with builders, stalked neighborhoods, re-met with builders, the whole thing. We were leaning toward building in a neighborhood near W's new office, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to meet with one more builder. Just to make sure we were getting the best neighborhood and home for us. And thank God we did! Our sales rep took us to a market home that was almost complete so we could see some examples of their finishes, floor plans, etc, and we just fell in love. We continued the meeting but the whole time I couldn't get the market home out of my head. We decided to go back and see it again a couple of days later, and signed the purchase agreement a few days after that. As long as nothing cray goes down between now and closing (God forbid), we will be moving into this beauty Memorial Day weekend!

This has been such a journey. We've seen so many houses. Held so many open houses. There's been so much excitement and stress and everything in between. I couldn't be happier all of that is OVER, and we can make this house a home :) All I have are a few iPhone pics, but they will do for now. I'm all about natural light and open floor plans, I swear this house was built specifically for us.

So excited to have big windows. And a mantle. And a gas fireplace. 

Already imagining the fabulousness that will take place in my double ovens. And on my 5 burner gas stove. And at this massive island.

Staircase in the back of the house. Not sure why, but I really like it that way. And more natural light from the cutest little window!

Boo scoping out the yard :) 

Upstairs guest bath

Our new master bedroom

Master view 2

 I WILL NOT miss our pedestal sink. Storage. An actual surface in the bathroom. Dreams do come true. 

We are seriously blessed!


Friday, April 26, 2013

Why I Blog

I blog because I think I have something to say. In my short 24 (almost 25) years of life, I have been through so many things, learned so many lessons. I have struggled, triumphed, and everything in between. I have met some of the most amazing people I could ever imagine, and learned more about life than I ever thought possible. I find beauty in so many things. In a quite moment in the morning or a crazy night with my friends. I live a full and happy life. I feel like one of the most blessed people on the planet. And I want to share about all of it.

Maybe someone cares, maybe they don't. But one day, my sisters will read this blog. My Mom will. Maybe even my children. If one of my loved ones, or a stranger, can learn anything from one of my posts. Whether it's learning something they can use, or just learning something new about me, this blog has served it's purpose.

I blog because it's a scrapbook for all of my brilliant ideas and horrible ones too. Because I have always kept a journal, and this is the latest and greatest form of journaling that I've come up with. And I hope I continue to keep it up, despite the many breaks from blogging I've taken.

I blog to connect. Because I like being nosy and reading about other people's lives. I like seeing into their homes and hearts. I like meeting new people and making new friends.

Mostly I blog because I believe everyone has a story. I like sharing mine. And I like reading yours :) Why do you blog?

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

life lately and the struggle

I think for the first time ever, I missed posting on a Monday. Oh well. This is what went on in our world the past weekend or so.

I went looking for a new dining table.

Saw the most amazing lamps at Pier One

 Had my wedding hair trial

Spent a lot of time in bed due to my new bedding being heaven on earth

Picked up this awesome candle

Practiced my DIY skills on this old table

Made this yummy dinner in celebration of Will coming home from Austin, TX

And that's about it :)

But one more thing...

I've been struggling lately. I like to think I am a pretty gracious person, but in the recent weeks (really months) I've been concerned that people have been percieving me as privlidged or snobby or so many things that I am not. While I do feel privledged and blessed beyond belief to have a car, be able to do and buy a lot of the things I want, and live in a comfortable home- none of this makes me feel any different than anyone else I know. And trust me, a lot of my things are NOT that nice. None of it is from lack of hard work. None of it came without blood, sweat, and tears. It's just frustrating.

I come from a city that is literally dying. Caving in on itself. The economy is basically non existant and most people sturggle to find decent jobs, if any. I have gotten more than a few comments from people about my "life now" and the size of my engagement ring and wedding or the name brands on my clothing. I feel intense guilt, almost embarrassment, every time someone comments on any of the above. And I AM SICK OF IT.

Starting today, I WILL NOT feel guilty because we have worked hard, and God has blessed us with a happy and comfortable life in return. I still sturggle. I still have student loans. I still have to wake up every day like the rest of the world and go to work. I will not feel guilty because my life used to be a constant struggle, and now I can actually sleep at night knowing bills will be paid.

That felt good.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Confess Sesh

As usual, the simple fact that it's Friday means I am on cloud 9. T minus nine hours till the weekend! Lets get to it. I confess...

That I may or may not have dodged  all responsibility last night to hit up a few bars with my best friend. She's staying with us for a few days, so I couldn't bore her with my usual laundry and TV routine. We had a blast. Wise decision :)

I may or may not be keeping a secret from this little blog, and most of my family and friends for that matter. I want to wait till everything is certain just in case, but I can't wait to share with you and everyone else in my life! Fingers crossed things keep going smoothly.

There is a lot of guilt going on in my heart that my Grandpa is having such a rough time and I can't be there. Between work and everything going on it is just so hard to find the time to head out of town. But I know I need to make the time. Praying that God will get him feeling a little better, and give me the energy I need to get my never ending to-do list complete and still have time for just spending time with the important people in my life.

I have been back on a Pinterest kick lately. Some of my recent favorite pins

 I love everything about this mantle. Everything.

Old desk into vanity = genius.

Pretty sure I am going to show the makeup artist this pic as inspiration for my wedding day look. The cheeks and lips are exactly what I want.

I'm not hating that Will is away on his bachelor party. I am semi worried that something crazy may go down considering its a triple bachelor party. As in W has two best friends getting married within weeks of us, so they decided to make it one big party. I trust him completely, and as long as he comes back in the same shape he left in, we're good. Between school, work, and me, the boy barley gets any time to do what he wants. He deserves a weekend of shenanigans in Austin, TX. Hopefully I make it there some day too!

Happy Friday people!

Monday, April 15, 2013

the weekend and an almost announcement

Happy Monday. I usually loathe Mondays. Like lay in bed till the very last second, curse the world on my way into work, and have to give myself a pep talk in the car just to walk into my office loathe. But I'm actually excited to go to work this Monday, because I'm training my replacement! Sometime in the next week or so, I will be transferring to another of my company's locations and taking on some different responsibilities. Not a promotion, but I am super excited for the change. I have a pretty solid routine at work, and I will miss some things, but for the most part- I think I will love my job even more than I do now.

This was an amazing weekend for us. The fiancé was traveling for work this week, so it was a huge relief to have him home. Friday night was spent cleaning and pretty much just waiting for him to come home. Thrilling I know.

Saturday was full of errands and appointments. We randomly found the candles we needed for the reception for half off! It saved us money and an hour round trip car ride to Ikea, so that was a win. Not to mention a yummy lunch at Cheesecake Factory We did NOT however find a place to print our day of stationary. Who knew that would be such a freaking hassle?! If anyone has any printing recommendations (we already have everything designed) I would REALLY appreciate it.

We also had another appointment I don't want to get too detailed on just yet. I'm a huge believer in jinxing things and I don't want to risk it by blabbing too early. Just keep your fingers crossed the blessings keep coming for us, and I will post about it soon enough :)

Saturday we were in bed by 10pm. Seriously- I'm getting more lame by the day. Due to such a Grandma-like bed time, I was up by 6am. As sour as not being able to sleep in can be, it gave me plenty of time to play with the dogs, clean, and grocery shop before the day even really got started.

In other pretty big news, we had our final open house before the wedding. The weather was perfect, and we got great traffic. Our realtor sounded enthused with the feedback visitors gave, so we're hoping for a second showing or an offer. Honestly, with the wedding less than a month away, I refuse to stress about the house right now. But, it would obviously be ideal if we could just sell this thing and be done with it!

During the open house W had school work to do, so me and the girls went to our favorite hang out- the dog park! The weather was PERFECT. There were tons of friends to play with. And they even cooperated on the trails.

Happy Monday People!

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