Tuesday, April 23, 2013

life lately and the struggle

I think for the first time ever, I missed posting on a Monday. Oh well. This is what went on in our world the past weekend or so.

I went looking for a new dining table.

Saw the most amazing lamps at Pier One

 Had my wedding hair trial

Spent a lot of time in bed due to my new bedding being heaven on earth

Picked up this awesome candle

Practiced my DIY skills on this old table

Made this yummy dinner in celebration of Will coming home from Austin, TX

And that's about it :)

But one more thing...

I've been struggling lately. I like to think I am a pretty gracious person, but in the recent weeks (really months) I've been concerned that people have been percieving me as privlidged or snobby or so many things that I am not. While I do feel privledged and blessed beyond belief to have a car, be able to do and buy a lot of the things I want, and live in a comfortable home- none of this makes me feel any different than anyone else I know. And trust me, a lot of my things are NOT that nice. None of it is from lack of hard work. None of it came without blood, sweat, and tears. It's just frustrating.

I come from a city that is literally dying. Caving in on itself. The economy is basically non existant and most people sturggle to find decent jobs, if any. I have gotten more than a few comments from people about my "life now" and the size of my engagement ring and wedding or the name brands on my clothing. I feel intense guilt, almost embarrassment, every time someone comments on any of the above. And I AM SICK OF IT.

Starting today, I WILL NOT feel guilty because we have worked hard, and God has blessed us with a happy and comfortable life in return. I still sturggle. I still have student loans. I still have to wake up every day like the rest of the world and go to work. I will not feel guilty because my life used to be a constant struggle, and now I can actually sleep at night knowing bills will be paid.

That felt good.

Happy Tuesday!

Lisette said...

Sorry people are being so mean. It's out of jealousy, so you're right in not letting them make you upset. I don't think that people even realize what they're saying some times.

Mallory said...

Never feel guilty for what you have worked for! And I think you are a super sweet woman, not at all snobby!
Did you pick out a dining table? Those are all so pretty!

Katie said...

Ugh furniture shopping is the hardest! At least for us it is. But I love all your dining room table choices.

You've been really busy. By the way is your bedding from pottery barn? I think we have the same exact same Duvet cover!

Kiersten said...

You should absolutely NOT have to feel guilty for what you have worked hard to achieve! I'm sorry that people have made you feel that way, but I'm glad to hear that you're not going to let them anymore. You deserve what you have, because you worked for it. There's no reason you should have to apologize for that.
<3 Kiersten

Julie-Becoming A Navy Wife said...

I'm with the other girls, don't feel guilty! Be proud of your accomplishments.

Julie-Becoming A Navy Wife said...
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Meredith said...

you have every right to be proud of yourself and your accomplishments! you've worked hard and as a reward for that hard work you are now able to have the things you want. It isn't easy but it gives you something to be proud of. by the way mahogany teakwood is the jam at my house! i bought about 8 wallflowers of that sent!

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