Monday, April 29, 2013

bachelorette weekend and the big house reveal

9:51pm. Just now beginning to feel like a normal human being. Holy. Freaking. Hangover. I have NO idea how I managed to drive home from Indy, and no idea how I just survived the previous 12 hours, but I'm glad they are over.

My bachelorette party was an absolute BLAST. We headed to Indy around Noon Saturday and met at the cutest meadery. It had the coolest atmosphere, and the wine and hard ciders were wonderful. After an hour or two there it started to get a little crowded, so we decided to check into the hotel.

My MOH could not have picked a better place for us to stay. The interior was gorgeous with modern industrial decor, exposed beams and brick, that type of thing. The location was also pretty perfect. We played a few games, opened presents, went to dinner, came back to the hotel to change (and rest), then headed out. As usual, I only got a few pics, but the ones we did take actually turned out fab! I am so thankful for my best friends and how long we've managed to keep our little group going strong.

And now. For the big announcement! If you follow me on Pinterest it's pretty obvious what I've had up my sleeve... We bought a house! Technically we're in the process of buying a house. I was going to wait until closing before telling anyone (or talking about it here) just in case, but I should have known that wasn't going to happen. I can't keep my mouth shut about something so exciting! Not to mention, I just found out we'll be living just around the corner from this sweet blogger. Yay for neighborhood friends!

Long story short, here's how this all came to be. I've been in love with the idea of new construction for months. We've met with builders, stalked neighborhoods, re-met with builders, the whole thing. We were leaning toward building in a neighborhood near W's new office, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to meet with one more builder. Just to make sure we were getting the best neighborhood and home for us. And thank God we did! Our sales rep took us to a market home that was almost complete so we could see some examples of their finishes, floor plans, etc, and we just fell in love. We continued the meeting but the whole time I couldn't get the market home out of my head. We decided to go back and see it again a couple of days later, and signed the purchase agreement a few days after that. As long as nothing cray goes down between now and closing (God forbid), we will be moving into this beauty Memorial Day weekend!

This has been such a journey. We've seen so many houses. Held so many open houses. There's been so much excitement and stress and everything in between. I couldn't be happier all of that is OVER, and we can make this house a home :) All I have are a few iPhone pics, but they will do for now. I'm all about natural light and open floor plans, I swear this house was built specifically for us.

So excited to have big windows. And a mantle. And a gas fireplace. 

Already imagining the fabulousness that will take place in my double ovens. And on my 5 burner gas stove. And at this massive island.

Staircase in the back of the house. Not sure why, but I really like it that way. And more natural light from the cutest little window!

Boo scoping out the yard :) 

Upstairs guest bath

Our new master bedroom

Master view 2

 I WILL NOT miss our pedestal sink. Storage. An actual surface in the bathroom. Dreams do come true. 

We are seriously blessed!

Jacqueline O said...

Fabulous house!! What area are you moving to?

Allie Sim said...

Your bachelorette party seemed like a blast, and the house is absolutely beautiful!

Congrats on everything ( :

Lisa said...

Wow your home looks amazing! Good luck with everything over the next few weeks :)

jessica said...

wow girl that's awesome. i had a feeling we shared the same secret. how exciting. i close on my new house and my old house on may 20th so i will be moving in memorial weekend, too! oh man, so ready! i can't wait.


Mallory said...

I am IN LOVE!! What a GORGEOUS house!!!!
That Master Bedroom. Ohemgee!
You must be SO SO SO excited!!!!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

How exciting!!!! An amazing bach party (you ladies look gorgeous) and a house?! It's incredible!! Congrats :)

Thanks for linking up for MMG!

Hope Underwood said...

What a tremendous surprise! Didn’t anyone see that coming? Haha! The house looks beautiful, even without all the furniture and fixings yet. What more when all the renovations are done and new furniture are in? I would love to see how your then new place looks like now. Have a great day!

Hope Underwood @ Level and Square Construction

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