Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Catch Up

At this point, I have essentially zero time to blog. I want the weeks before my wedding recorded to swoon over years from now, but I am so busy living them- I've had no time to write about them.

I have no well planned post, and zero pictures, but this is what's been going on.

1. Will was traveling for work this week and I am SO happy to have him home. Even if it's just a few days, absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder.

2.One of my best friends got a job down here in Cincinnati and will be staying with us next week to start her job and look for places. I am beyond thrilled about this. Most of my besties live far away, and having one closer is a dream come true. One of our other best pals (who is dating one of Will's friends she met through us :) ) is moving down this summer! Can I get an amen?! The location Gods are def on my side.

3. W's bachelor party in Austin, TX is next weekend and my bachelorette weekend to Indianapolis, IN is the weekend after that. Two weekends in a row apart will stink, but we are both so excited to have some adventures with our friends. Two of Will's best friends are also getting married this summer, so they're doing a three groom bachelor party. Picture the hangover. Times ten. I just hope they all come back in the same condition they leave in.

4. In four weeks from this moment, I will be up and at em with all my girls getting ready for the big day! I know the next few weeks will be a whirlwind. I am so so ready for this moment. But still have so much to do! I am waiting to get nervous. To panic for some reason. But so far, just feeling happy and blessed to live the life I do :)

5. Work is great but I know it's about to start kicking my butt. I am still petitioning for the 4 day work week. Life would be sooo much sweeter.

Happy weekend people!

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