Friday, November 14, 2014

5 on Friday

I thought I'd pop in today to link up for 5 on Friday. As usual, we're thrilled over here that it's Friday. A few things that are getting my gears going right now…

50 Shades

I read it. I didn't love it. But I certainly didn't hate it, and I read the whole trilogy, soooo I guess I did love it? Anyhow, the trailers that have been coming out don't look as terrible as expected. I have no clue how they're going to stay true to the story. I feel kind of gross admitting this, but I can't wait to watch it! I know if I go see it with Will he will do nothing but make fun of it the entire time (just like he made fun of it the entire time I read the books), so maybe a girls night will be in order.

Operation Play Room

I am trying to not spend money, but I can't help but pin 100 things a day I want for the play room we're creating for Norah. Below are some of my wants for the room, and here is my entire play room board. I am so excited to have this magical little space for her.

Old Navy

I'm almost over shopping anywhere else. I've gotten some awesome stuff there lately! Really great prices, long sizes, cute clothes, and I don't have to leave the house. Can't beat it. A few of my favorites.

Living Room Issues

It is the greatest challenge in my life right now trying to figure out how to get our TV above the fireplace without a) having wires everywhere or b) drilling/cutting a million holes into the wall because frankly we're just not that skilled if you ask me. Please tell me someone has a solution to this?? It is really throwing off how I want to arrange our furniture, and even worse, ruining where I want to put our Christmas tree. I will figure this out before 2015. Hopefully.

Cute Overload

Obviously, I saved the best for last ;) I swear she gets cuter every day! A few snaps from our week...

Baby Uggs are the cutest. We were gifted two pairs for this little fashionista!

TGIF! Linking up with Natasha, Darci, April, and Christina for 5 on Friday.

Regine Karpel said...
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Georgia Glam said...

My mom and I were shopping the other day and we were both incredibly surprise by what we found at Old Navy! Loving that red puffer vest!

Sara McCarty said...

Oh my gosh, baby Uggs?! How does Mim not have these? I think Santa will be bringing her a pair asap!

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