Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Norah's Three Month Update

Little Peanut,

You are officially a little person. I feel like we really have a baby, rather than a newborn, these days. I’ve become more confident in my ability to understand your cues for what you want and need, so we’ve relaxed on the tracking every detail of the day. I’ve also kind of relaxed on trying to stay on a schedule, as I really think it was driving me nuts more than it was helping you or me. We follow one, I'm just less stressed about sticking to every detail.

The one exception to this is bedtime. You let us know when you are ready for bed each night, which is usually between 7pm and 7:30pm, and once I see those signs, it’s the exact same bedtime routine every day. I think this really helps you calm down and contributes to how great of a sleeper you are for such a young baby. This new early bedtime also allows me to make dinner after you’re sleeping and gives me and your dad a few hours to hang out, so I do not hate it!

You smile and giggle all the time and make the funniest faces. You're getting more and more gorgeous by the day and everyone thinks so…not just me! I cannot believe we were blessed with such an adorable sweet baby. I really wondered if I would miss going back to work, and while I really miss my coworkers, there is no way it would have been worth missing out on being with you all day. I do miss using my brain in a “work” type of way, but I plan to start volunteering soon, so that will hopefully fill that void.

We moved the office upstairs and turned it into a play room for you, and I can’t wait until you can sit up and crawl around and really enjoy all of your toys and books. For now it’s a bit thrown together, but come Spring we have big plans for that space.

You are gripping things with your hands and getting stronger. You’re also talking up a storm, and startle me all the time with how loud and high pitched your shrieks are sometimes. I have no clue how such a big sound comes out of such a little person. If you turn out being loud, you definitely got that honestly.

I can’t believe in just a month or two you can start eating real food and will be sitting up like a real person. It seems like every day you do something new, whether it’s something small like making new facial expressions, or something big like almost rolling over or no longer being swaddled. Time is flying, and while I’m sure one day I will really miss this tiny baby stage, I am so so excited to see what all you do this coming month.

You are the absolute best and we love you more than you will ever know!

Weight: I’m guessing close to 12 pounds. You had a cardiologist appointment a few weeks ago and you were weighing in at 11 pounds that day. We are definitely seeing more chunk on your thighs and cheeks these days.

Height: About 23 inches.

Nicknames: Peanut Butter, Pea, Nor, Peanut Lady, Baby Girl

Eating: You’re eating about 5 or 6 times a day, and take about 5 ounces per feeding. I’m excited to hopefully drop a feeding soon, as it seems you’re starting to kind of push together your final two of the day.

Sleeping: We had a few weeks that were touch and go as far as night time goes, but we seem to be back on track. We stopped swaddling your arms at night and you began sleeping much better, so I think you really are just one of those babies that never liked being swaddled. It helped when you were teeny tiny, but you’re definitely over it.

You are going to bed earlier (which we started because it was clear you were sleepy way before you’re old bed time of 8:30pm). We start the bedtime routine about 7pm and by 8pm you’re out. You wake up once in the middle of the night to eat, and again early in the morning just being fussy. I’m not sure why this is, because you never want anything except your pacifier, and if we move you into our room, you’ll sleep the rest of the morning until almost 8am. Naps are still a little random but I hope to get on a lose routine with those this month.

Diapers: We switched to Target brand diapers and we won’t be turning back. They’re just as good as the Pampers we loved, but way cheaper. We’ll still use the Pampers we were gifted, but I won’t be buying any more for now. You’re still in size one, but I think you will be moving to size two soon.

Clothing: We have finally graduated from the newborn clothing. I could probably squeeze you into a few things but I think it’s time to let go. All those items will be packed up soon to make more room for your three month clothing. The three month gear is still a little lose, but it gets the job done. The exception is 3 month sleep and plays, which fit perfectly.

Social: You are always in a great mood anywhere we take you, and seem to like being out and about. I try to limit your outings to just a couple a week, for just an hour or two at a time, so I think not pushing our luck with being out all day every day really helps. We spent your first Thanksgiving at your Grandma and Papa’s yesterday, and you were great there too. One new thing we experienced while spending the holiday with lots of family was you not wanting to go to anyone else except for me. Normally you are calm no matter who holds you, but on Thanksgiving you just weren’t having it. I don’t mind at all and will take any chance I get to hold you, since a lot of times when we are at home, you seem to prefer to be in your swing or laying on your play mat. 

Likes: Swing, specifically the sheep on the swing's mobile, Kick and Play Piano Gym, the Christmas tree and lights, anything bright/shiny, your elephant lovie who we call “Ellie”, and your bug toy that hangs from your car seat.

Dislikes: Honestly you don’t seem to hate much of anything. Medicine time is probably your least favorite of the day, and you do not appreciate being held in certain positions, but nothing crazy.

Firsts: First Thanksgiving! You’re starting to try and roll over. I also got you to laugh with my Donald Duck voice, and that was the first time you actually laughed because we were trying to make you by doing something funny. It was awesome and your Dad was there to see too. First trip out in public with just you and Dad. Road trip with Mom to Chicago to see your Nana and aunts.

Mama: Absolutely loving being home with you and all the fun things you’re starting to do. Looking forward to sleeping through the night again one day, but besides that I feel like we pretty much have a sense of normalness back in this household. I’m also experiencing severe “Mom Brain”. I had pretty rough “Pregnancy Brain”, and never had the best memory, but things are at an all time low right now. I have to ask your dad the same question 10 times before I remember, have lost a NUMBER of items that I would never normally misplace, can’t remember words, the list goes on. I’m especially bad with dates/times. I can’t seem to remember when we have to do anything or what time we have to be anywhere, no matter how many times we’ve done it before or talked about it.

Daddy: Loves you to death. He is super hands on and helpful, as suspected. I don’t think anyone would every question how much he loves you and loves “hanging out” with you. He is very helpful with all the to-do’s that come with having a baby, even when he has long days at work. We are lucky ladies!

What we're looking forward to: Your first Christmas is definitely the number one thing we’re looking forward to right now. That, and just experiencing more firsts.
Kaity said...

Gah! Could she be any cuter??

I totally didn't believe that "pregnancy brain" was a real thing, until it happened to me. I lose my train of thought mid-sentence on the regular. So weird!

Erin LFF said...

She is seriously so so so perfect and somehow gets even cuter each month!! I love seeing her pics, ACK!! I just want to snuggle her up! :) So glad to hear everything is going so well for your sweet family!

Kayla MKOY said...

Goodness GRACIOUS, she is PERFECT!!!! I want to come visit and get my fix of baby snuggles!!!! :)

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