Friday, December 5, 2014

some updates

I've been a little MIA on the blog lately so I thought this was a great time to pop in and give a mini update to what exactly we've been up to.

1. Christmas is in full swing at the G household. We're decorated, shopping is almost done, and our Christmas pictures are Sunday. I have to admit, I'm slightly overwhelmed doing all of this with a baby, but it is also so much more exciting with a baby. Definitely looking forward to showing off Norah to lots of family she has yet to meet over the holidays.

I am weirdly obsessed with these plates.

2. Thank God for Girls Nights. Tonight a bunch of women from my neighborhood are getting together for dinner at Coopers Hawk and I'm beyond pumped. I even picked my outfit out yesterday, and it's hanging in my closet. You'd think I'm excited to hang around adults or something ;)

I l-o-v-e spending all day with Norah, but until she learns how to talk, it gets a little lonely. Facebook can only take a girl so far. I am also in the midst of planning a get together with my BFFs for right after the holidays. I don't think we've all been together since July, so this is much overdue.

3. I love Baby Legs. We don't exactly own any yet, but I know when I get them I will love them. Norah is pretty tiny in some departments so clothes fit her so strangely. I think these will fix a lot of our sizing issues. I love putting her in tights so this is a similar mindset. Placing an order today. I'll report back with how the work out.

4. We (as in me and Norah) have been working on tummy time and sitting on her own lately. The Bumbo has been broken out, and she has even pseudo rolled over (kind of) a couple of times. She needs a little help, but we're getting there.

5. We get about a trillion catalogues in the mail a week, and being as neurotic as I am, I just have to look through every single one. Personal Creations really has some cute ornaments right now. I am loving these customizable ornaments, and just might have to add one to our collection.

That's all for now. TGIF!

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Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

Your little lady is just beautiful!!! And your house looks amazing as well! Love your blog!

Kayla MKOY said...

Okay your house decor is perfect! I love it. That sweet baby of yours is precious :) I can imagine it gets a little lonely, though. So excited for you to hang out with some ADULTS tonight! Have fun!!

Jenn said...

Little Norah is so cute! And that mitten garland has me swooning. I love it!

I am hosting a Jameson Monroe giveaway on Our Little Miracles. You should stop by and check it out.

Tess @ AModernSuburbanitesLife said...

i loveee baby leg warmers! i just ordered 4 pairs from a lady off store envy. and her eyes are just so gorgeous! said...

Your house looks beautiful! I'm super impressed that you pulled that off with a little one at home!

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