Monday, December 8, 2014

a little weekend recap

Just wanted to pop in and update that we had a fabulous weekend.

On Friday, I got together with 6 other women who live in our little development for dinner at Coopers Hawk. It was our second year doing this around the holiday season. We ended the night with a trip to the bar and a nasty headache the next morning haha. I had an amazing time and honestly wish there was time for these kinds of dinners every week. I seriously hit the jackpot with neighbors (Hi Katie!), and the fact that all our little people are around the same age makes it even better. Can't wait for Norah to grow up with so many little playmates, and I hope that we all continue to live here for many years decades to come.

On Saturday me, Will, and the baby just spent some time together at home watching Christmas movies and hanging out. I also went and got a much needed hair cut. I get split ends like crazy, and hadn't been since JULY. My bangs are finally growing out, and I love the way it turned out.

Sunday we had our family Christmas pictures taken. I can not wait to get these bad boys back. The background was gorgeous and I was really happy with our outfits. Fingers crossed there are some winners for our holiday cards and so I can put up some more family photos around the house. As usual, Norah stole the show. Shout out to Willow Crowns for the most amazing headband that matched everything perfectly.

The pictures were early, and we spent the rest of the day cleaning and just hanging around the house. It was the perfect slow weekend before all the Christmas hoopla is underway.

Happy Monday!

Erin LFF said...

Could your family get any cuter?! I THINK NOT!!! :) Can't wait to see your holiday pictures, I know they are going to be perfect. SO jealous of your neighborhood and all the fun/friends that come out of it!! Tell me where I should move next?! ;)

Shelley said...

miss norah is just too cute! can't wait to see the family pictures and which one your choose for a christmas card!
and isn't growing bangs out such a chore?! i'm in the process right now too, unfortunately mine are at a super awkward stage that just has me wearing a headband constantly.

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