Monday, November 10, 2014

a little life update

We’ve had quite the busy week or two in our house. Since Norah turned two months I don’t think I’ve even looked at the calendar, and I couldn’t believe it when I realized that she's 10 weeks. 

So what exactly has been keeping us so busy? For one, we had my family in town for Halloween. Always fun to have visitors in the house, and Norah seemed to really enjoy spending time with her grandma and aunt.

Since we knew they’d be in town for the weekend, we decided to schedule Norah’s baptism for November 2nd. We spent that morning scrambling around the house to clean, cook, and get everything ready. I had a melt down about being late (I HATE being late and I feel like we ALWAYS are), but everything came together just like it always does.

For the reception at our house after, I made this potato soup recipe, meatballs, golden applepunch, caramel apple cider (tastes just like caramel apple spice from sbux), and these awesome cookies (thanks Katie!). We also had fruit, veggies, cake, and some other random snacks.

The caramel apple spice was delish. All I did was put apple juice in the crock pot with a few cinnamon sticks on high for a few hours. Remove the cinnamon, stir in some caramel sauce, top with whipped cream and more caramel sauce. Done.

Halloween weekend we also got to see plenty of friends. Once at a neighborhood get together, then again on Saturday at our friends annual Halloween party. I had a blast, besides my best friends Mom convincing me ghosts were real and even new construction homes could be haunted. Needless to say the walk in the pitch dark down our friends wooded, secluded street to my car was extra terrifying.

Will spent some time traveling for work. This is always bitter sweet. Good because he enjoys his work and obviously someone has to bring home the dollars around here, but crappy because it’s not like I really want to be alone with 2 dogs and a newborn. First world problems.

We also decided to do a little home rearranging. We bought a rocker recliner for the living room for me to sit in with Norah, so I don’t have to spend my entire day on our cushy couch, or up in the nursery. It will be a while before the chair is delivered but I am still extra thrilled about this purchase.

We also decided to move the furniture from our office upstairs into our bedroom, and make the office a playroom. This is life changing for me. I absolutely hate wasted space, and our current set up really does not make sense for us. We have a sitting area in our master that is empty besides a couch. Litteraly the only time the maybe 8x10 space gets used is when the dogs decide to sleep there. And we probably use the office for “work” a few hours a week, max. This switch will allow us to have a dedicated place on the first floor for all of our baby stuff, and all the things we use for Norah that I don’t want to have to go upstairs for 10 times a day, but that I also don’t want in the living room. Our living room and kitchen and dining room are all one open space, so it can look cluttered really quickly.

I know as we get more toys and have more kids this clutter situation will only get worse, so I can’t wait to organize and make a dedicated kid space. Plus, I like her room being peaceful and cute, and I was really afraid of what would happen when that space turned from just being a place to sleep to a place to sleep and play and store a bunch (more) stuff.

I also decided to board the dogs, pack up the baby, and spend a few days in Chicago. Traveling that far with a newborn was terrifying, but Norah was a true champ and there were ZERO meltdowns. It was great to spend some relaxing time not worrying about cooking or cleaning, and I'm glad my sisters got to spend a few days with their niece. Norah also took sleeping in a new environment like a champ. I've got a pretty awesome baby on my hands.

Just hanging out at Grandmas
Mom life ;)
While in Chicago I also met up with an old friend at a bar called The Beer Market. Or maybe just Beer Market? Either way, they had over a hundred beers. It was awesome and I can't wait to take Will there.

And that my friends is about all we’ve been up to. Here's to being home and another week back on the grind.

Katie said...

Goodness your life has been exciting! I bet you are ready for some down time. Little Miss Norah looks adorable as always.

PS- so glad you made those cookies. I forgot all about them and kinda want to make them asap.

Erin LFF said...

She is seriously SO CUTE, I cannot stand it! I'm coming over to play and skipping work soon ;)

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