Wednesday, February 18, 2015

5 Month Update and where else to catch me in the blog world

So Norah will be six months next week. And I still haven't published her 5 month update. Sigh. I have had this 90% don't for a while, and it appears that is as far as it's going to get.

I'm publishing the text of this simply because this is the easiest way for me to save these milestones to update the baby book later. And I am posting just a pic or two. I took way more, but these were pretty late, so I am not spending a bunch of time editing them. Sorry month 5. I failed you.

In other news you can catch a review and giveaway of some of my favorite Rodan+Fields products today over here. Be sure to check it out!

But back to the baby.

Again, sorry this month's update is a little shotty Peanut. We will get back on track next month!

Weight: Guessing about 15 pounds.

Height: No idea! But you do seem to be getting longer.

Nicknames: P, Nor, Boog

Eating: You have 4 “big” bottles a day, about 7 ounces. Then a smaller 4 ounce one at night when we give you your medicine.

Sleeping: The four month sleep regression is NO JOKE. The longest that I’ve slept consectively this month was probably 4 hours, and that is on a good night. Heck, a great night. Honestly I think it was so bad I blocked it out at this point. I just know there was lots of waking even when you didn’t want to eat or need a diaper change. Lots of hard nap times. Lots of breakdowns on my part. But we made it through! You are at three naps a day (usually) and start the day around 7am and end the day around 7pm.

Diapers: Still in Target and/or Pampers size 2.

blurry but adorable

Clothing: You are finishing up with the 0-3 month clothing and starting on the 3-6 month clothing. Kind of depends on the item or brand, but 3-6 month fits in most things.

Social: You love looking at babies in books, people on the TV, and when people in “real life” smile and talk to you. We are still working on you actually wanting to be held by them. I think you just prefer me since we are together all day, and I sure don’t mind.

Likes: Anything that will fit in your mouth. Bath time. We also started a baby play class and you absolutely love it. Lots of rolling around, brightly colored toys, and other babies to look at. I think we are permanent customers of Kids First.

Dislikes: Being held by people you don’t know. Honestly that is about all that gets you upset. You are still startled by coughs and sneezes, or people clearing their throat.

Firsts: Rolling over from back to tummy! Bad mom this month as I can’t remember too many other firsts. We have been frequenting Kids First for play class a lot which you enjoy.

What we're looking forward to: All the new and fun things you do! Seems like you are learning more and more every day.

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

Those eyes!!! What a sweet, precious, beauty and gift from our Maker! xx

Allison said...

I'm glad you aren't giving up on the updates because I love reading them!! I am starting to get a taste of the 4 month regression. Ah. It's killing me already! Good thing our babies are cute right? :)

Erin LFF said...

Such a sweetie!! I hope I get to meet her and that I can teach her to love strangers holding her! ;) Haha- that sounded so weird, but she is just too cute I can't stand it!

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