Thursday, March 26, 2015

Are you her nanny? And other less annoying thoughts.

I feel like more has happened in the past few weeks of motherhood for us than has happened in the previous 6 months combined.

Aside from the day Norah stopped eating at night (cue angels singing), and the day she went to just four bottles a day (more angels), there haven't been any life changing milestones. Sure she laughed for the first time and did other cute things, but those weren't really changing our day to day.

Lately though, I feel like she is mastering new skills left and right. She has THREE teeth that have poked through. Sits up like a champ. Can prop herself up on her hands and knees, and I can tell she is itching to crawl. She can roll over like a pro, and even spin around on her belly and scoot backwards, but no forward motion yet. She hands up things. Her dexterity gets noticeably better every day. She is starting to love eating purees. Every day, it's something. And she is just so proud of herself over all of it.

I know people say that once they start crawling, you are in for a world of trouble because they are into everything, but I can't wait. Lets face it: Norah is basically my best friend know that we are spending every day together sans any other regular human contact. The idea that she will be able to get around better, show preferences to things, etc, will make our days so exciting. Will jokingly asked me last night if Norah had replaced him and others as my "best friend", and the answer is definitely YES haha. I cannot put into words how much I love spending time with her. I never (NEVER EVER) thought I would be giving up time with friends or date nights to be with my baby 24/7, and though we still get out a good amount, a lot of the times I just don't want to.

In other news, someone asked my yesterday if I was Norah's nanny. "Um, excuse me?" !?!? I text a few friends and was assured that they had never had any one make this assumption toward then. I have jokingly thought in the past that sense my child is pretty much as pale as a ghost, and has blue eyes, that someone might wonder about our relationship… but she looks pretty much JUST like me… so I thought that would be avoided. Maybe this person was thinking something else. God knows what. But I will tell you this, I didn't appreciate it.

I don't want to ramble too much since we have Norah's 7 month update right around the corner, but I wanted to write today about how much fun this age is. I have all the hopes and dreams in the world for this little girl and I hope we are doing the right things to make her the best she can be. We love you Little Pea!
Kayla MKOY said...

Maybe that lady was thinking you're so darn tiny you don't look like a baby could've come out of you?!! Haha! Your baby girl is gorgeous, just like her momma!!! I'm loving that she's so ready to crawl. I'm glad things have been so fun for you!

Erin LFF said...

Gosh she's gorgeous! MORE PICS, MORE PICS! :) I bet she is just seriously so fun right now!

Amanda Klein said...

Being a mamma is the best, right?? Don't give a second thought to crazy people. My son has been called a girl and a princess from strangers (while wearing blue!) AND I've been asked who he belongs to (he has his daddy's blonde hair and I have black). Just give an internal eye roll that, bless their hearts, they just don't know any better.

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