Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday Confessions

Lets get right too it!

1. I am crazy, crazy excited for this weekend. After an unprecedentedly, unbelievably busy month at work, I feel like I've seen my husband for about a total for 8 minutes in February. And Norah has probably seen him less. So we are pumped that Dad is taking off work tomorrow for a family day of FUN. Also, Nanny (my Mom), and Aunt Paige and Aunt Brooke (my sisters) are coming to visit on Saturday, so we are really in for a treat. Did I mention the weather will be in the 60's? #thankyouJesus

TBT to my wedding day. I find this picture hilariously unflattering. I am the poster child for resting b-word face. I swear I was having the best day of my life. Ha! Aunt Paige freezing to death and Aunt Brooke who couldn't wait to take off her shoes.

2. I haven't eaten a proper dinner all week. Triscuits? Sure. Leftovers from Norah's plate? Why not. I really need to get better about preparing toddler and mom friendly meals, but it's just so easy to throw something together for her at the last minute and forget about myself.

3. We've been making some progress with the reno plans and I am so, so ready for them to get started. Basement contractor has been found. Basement waterproofing scheduled. Kitchen cabinets, countertops, and layout is selected. Kitchen demo should begin this month, so fingers crossed that actually happens. The basement will be in March or April. Lord give my inpatient self strength to deal with all of these timelines that are completely out of my control!

4. I have been shopping like a crazy person. Not in abundance, but just this here, that there. In my defense, I have actually needed most of the items. Some of my favorite finds lately are my S'well water bottle (I have a ton of bottles and this is the best. I got bikini pink from the satin collection), this top, this toy we can't wait to give Norah, this bag to carry her things in (I'm over my huge diaper bag. Grabbing this and my small cross body purse [similar] will be so much easier), and this dress that is on it's way to my doorstep. Links included if you are in the market for something new and fun! Almost all of these things are on sale right now, too.

5. Last week marked our 5th Valentine's Day together. We celebrated with a lazy weekend, play time at the book store, and an awesome steak dinner with some friends and their daughter. 5 years sounds so short, but also so long to me at the same time. Here's to many, many more half decades!

insert laughing until you cry emoji

That's my girl.

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Jessica (The Newly) said...

That last picture of Norah kills me. Hilarious!!! Super excited for you and all the reno plans moving forward. I know that will be exciting!!! And girl, I feel you on the meal planning and dinner making. I'm just not feeling cooking lately, at ALL - especially when B is not here for dinner. No way am I cooking a whole dinner for myself, since Caleb will eat two bites and be done. My meals have been pretty hit and miss lately. Must do better!!!

Jenn said...

Love those pics of Norah! She's so cute!
Good luck to you with all of the reno's! We re-did our basement last year and it was a process, but not terrible. Hopefully all of it goes smoothly for you guys!!
So glad that I found your blog through Jess' link up!

Georgia Glam said...

That last picture of Norah - so sassy! - I love it! We're in the middle of a cosmetic reno, not whole full blown reno, and I am freaking out. We've got 12 days and as of right now, we might be living with my parents for a while :/

Erin LFF said...

YAY for a long family-filled weekend! They are coming in town at the perfect time too- I cannot wait for that warm weather :) I might hit you up if you guys like your contractor(s)... we are talking some renovations as well!

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