Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Per the usual...

I have got to be the laziest person of all time. Instead of cleaning my house and packing, I'm drinking wine and watching Teen Mom.


I always want to think of myself as this over achieving fiancé. A superwoman who works all day then cooks and cleans all night and still manages to be fabulous.

Sadly, the wine and Teen Mom is just so much more fun.

I did manage to get the dogs to the boarders on time. Got embarrassingly emotional on the drive over. House seems so empty without my smelly, insane puppies.

We'll be hopping a plane bright and early to visit Will's parents at their home in Rhode Island and I CANNOT WAIT!

This is so not their house. But it is Rhode Island.

I've never been to New England besides once for a track meet in college, and I've always wanted to go.  I can remember watching the show Providence as a kid and thinking it was the most beautiful place on earth. A week with my awesome in laws to be, William and the beach is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Not that I've been overly stressed. Lets be real, I was basically unemployed for the majority of the summer. BUT I've only been to the pool ONCE all year. Haven't been to the beach at all. Which is basically a crime in my book, so this is still a much needed vaca.

In other news, my wedding dress came in last weekend! I love love love it as much as the day I first saw it. There are some definate design alterations that need to happen, and I am replacing the original belt, but I know once it's complete it will be perfect :)

Also I changed my blog name. I realized a blog title based off of a musical was not the best idea I've ever had... and a little bit creepy.

This is my life, and this is a blog. Until I come up with something more substantial, the name will remain.

Over and out.
Holly said...

LOL at basing your blog's title on a musical being weird! Hey, at least you picked a good one, I love Wicked! :)

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