Friday, February 1, 2013

Let's Try This Again

Dear Blog,

So once again, it's been a while.

Over the past six months I've still managed to find the time to stay caught up with all my favorite blogs, and even find some new ones. Hearing people's stories still is and always will be one of my favorite things to do.

I have not managed however to find the time to write anything substantial. Being engaged is easily the most exciting thing to happen to me in a long time. Probably ever.  

I thought when this time came I would document everything. All the appointments and decisions and celebrations. THOUGHT being the key word in that sentence.

Forget said appointments, decisions and celebrations. Did I mention work has picked up for both W and myself? That our house is for sale, and we're trying to find a new one? Then there was Thanksgiving and Christmas and traveling to see families and the list just. does. not. end.

I think I have just been too busy living, and being consumed by life, to sit down and properly write about it. Kind of bitter sweet I guess?

I have so much respect for all the women out there who juggle relationships, a profession, alone time, decorating, cooking, or any combination of the above, without going insane. I am determined to be one of those women.

For now, pictures will have to do. What have we done these past 6 months?

Thanksgiving was celebrated in Chicago



China patterns were selected


 My Holly girl got even more adorable

We had some major home renovations

Honeymoon of our dreams is booked


 We helped one of my sorority sisters and dearest friends celebrate her wedding

Wedding bands were purchased

Our second Christmas together came and went. Way too quickly I might add.

The most delicious meal ever was consumed on New Years Eve, before celebrating with some best friends.

Embers, you did NOT disappoint.

Speaking of this dinner. 

As we were being seated, an elderly couple we'd never seen before approached our table. The woman leaned down and hugged me and told me I looked beautiful. She reminded me of my Grandmother and I absolutely loved it.

I started making homemade pizzas

Invitations were ordered and assembled (almost) completely

Puppies took naps

Girls night sleepover, including a full out dance party, was held with some of my lifetime besties

More cuteness and naps

Two of my very best friends got engaged

I fell in love with Ben Rector's music

Holly got the best collar of all time

I got the best wedding shoes of all time

That's all for now. Here's to coming back before another 6 months!
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