Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Days

Today is a good day.

Reason 1. Sun.

More specifically, sunnys. I bought a pair of new sun glasses over a week ago and have YET to get to wear them. Thanks to the tragedy that is winter weather in Southwestern Ohio, it's been nothing but grey skies for what seems like forever.


But not today! The sun is shining, my face didn't feel like it was about to fall off when I stepped outside this morning, and I am wearing flats without boarder-line frostbitten toes.

Reason 2 I'm all jazzed up is Formula 10.0.6.

My office is in a strip mall, and across the street from a regular mall, so I spend many lunch breaks searching for new products.


I stumbled upon this mask and already love it. I'm not quite sure if it's working, but it smells great and makes my skin feel clean and refreshed.

Last but not least, another mug for my hoard.

My office is next to a Home Goods. That alone makes every day great (for my shopping fix, not for my bank account), but awesome finds make my day that much better.

Happy Thursday!

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