Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Letters


Time for another week of Friday's Letters.

Dear Sleep,

I love you now more than ever. I do not love the fact that the more I see of you, the less time I have in my days. Has anyone looked into adding a few more hours to the week?

Dear Weekend,

As always, thank God you’re here. I am convinced if I could just work 4 days a week, 10 hours a day, my life would be 100 times more enjoyable.

Dear Wedding,

You are only 3 months and 3 days away! I honestly can’t believe it. In a matter of weeks I get to be someone’s wife. Get to see so many friends and family celebrate, together. Get to take what I’m sure will be the vacation of a lifetime with my favorite person on Earth. Yup, these next 3 months can go ahead and FLY by.

Dear Real Estate,

You are so, so bitter-sweet. Every day I struggle with you. My inner monologue goes something like this. “I love our house, why hasn’t someone made an offer yet? It’s a great place! Wait… if it’s so great, why are we selling it? Oh, right, right. It’s not working for us anymore. But what will work for us?” Then I go through the million different neighborhood and home style scenarios that at some point in time in this search have seemed like a good idea to me. I will not be sad when this is all said and done.

Dear Kentucky,

As much as I loathed having to cross the OH-KY boarder for work in the beginning, you’re starting to grow on me. Cheaper gas and wine? Don’t mind if I do.

Happy Friday!!
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