Monday, February 4, 2013

The Best Part of Wedding Planning

I feel a little strange posting twice in one day. But when you've been cooped up in the house for four days, there's only so much TV one can watch.

I started a HUGE wedding update post to get this blog up to speed on all of the planning madness that's taken place over the past few months. And as much as table linens and vendor timelines really get me going, there are a few aspects that I think deserve their own special post.

Registry and Honeymoon

Getting engaged is amazing enough on its on. A man you adore gives you a beautiful diamond ring that you essentially did nothing to earn (that you wouldn't have done anyway at least).

People throw you parties and everyone you know basically has to be nice to you.

You're allowed to spend obscene amounts of money on throwing a party.

The list goes on.

As if this wasn't enough, you get to go around and make a list of presents for people to buy you, and you cap the whole thing off with a vacation!

My present lists have been made at Macy's and Pottery Barn.

Since Will and I already lived on our own for years before meeting, we already have a lot of stuff. This is our chance to get things that we'd never normally buy for ourselves. Our chance to upgrade our older items. And I LOVE it.

I swoon over HGTV and Martha Stewart magazine, but as a 24 year old with student loans, I ball on a budget.

Now, all I've swooned over may actually be mine.

Any registry tips or items that are "must-adds" are more than welcome! I want to make sure we do this right.

Now to the honeymoon. Oohhh the honeymoon. We are all booked up to jet off to this lovely destination the Monday after our wedding day.

I've never been to anywhere all-inclusive or out of the country, so we decided to hit both of those notches on this trip.

Relaxing, some excursions, day drinking, unlimited amazing dinners that I don't have to prepare, and doing it all with my favorite person on earth. I just know this will be the best week of my life, and I am beyond blessed to have this to look forward to!

We are still debating on how to spend our days. Play it by ear? Schedule an activity a day? Are the spas worth it?

Any insight on this is much welcomed as well!

Since this is my current view...

Here's to dreaming of May weddings and tropical vacations!

3 months, 6 days, and counting.
Destiny said...

congrats on the future wedding and planning process. The budget is the hardest part, talking from planning my own wedding at this time.:=)

brittany @ g squared said...

Thanks, you too! Thankfully I am past that part. So overwhelming, but so fun!

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