Saturday, February 2, 2013

Snowed In

We're not really snowed in.

But this is the closest we've been all winter, so it feels much worse than it actually is.

Adding to my feelings of helplessness are the four huge craters in my mouth, where my wisdom teeth used to live.

I was terrified about the surgery. Overall though, the whole thing wasn't as awful as expected.

Side note- this no solid foods or alcohol business is for the birds.

Anyhow. Snowed in.

What do we like to do these days when venturing out and about isn't really an option?

Three letters.


It's been weeks since I've had enough time to sit down and really focus on my first true love, television.

The lineup included a few things from ID Investigates, RHOA and RHOBH, The Office, Top Chef, Say Yes to the Dress, Law and Order SVU, and much more.

I also decided to change this blog a bit.

I am super indecisive about almost everything, and I wanted the url and blog title to be something that would remain relevant no matter what in my life changes, or what I decide to write about.

That's where comes in.

No matter what phase I'm going through, we will always be Britt and Will.

As far as "G Squared" goes, it just seems fitting.

Both Will and I have last names that begin with G, so when we marry, my initials won't change.

Though I am changing my last name to match his, in my head I think I will always think of myself as both G's, rather than just my old or new name.

The other major obsession I like to indulge in when lounging is house hunting. and have become my best friends.

We can't really make the move on anything new until someone buys our current house, which is driving me NUTS. Selling a home is truly the most intense exercise in patience I've ever experienced, and honestly- I'm over it.

Our home is great. I am not jaded- it really is a nice home. So what's the hold up? I know we just have to wait on the right buyer, but I am not very good at waiting. Anyone in the market to move to Cincinnati??

The good thing about the whole this is, we have plenty of time to research new areas. Cinci has a TON of neighborhoods and suburbs, each one very different from the next. At times choosing our next neighborhood/suburb is overwhelming, but mostly, it's just exciting!

Here's to a quick sale of our house, a few more days of rest for me, and hoping the temperatures make it above freezing!

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