Thursday, February 21, 2013

Creepy or Awesome? Blog Friends.

I'm really OBSESSED with the channel Investigation Discovery. I just love a good murder/stalking/betrayal story.

Anyway, I love it. But it also makes me super paranoid, which is why I find it pretty ironic that I post a bunch of crap about my life online for anyone and everyone to read. At least if someone does come take me, there will be clues all over the internet, right?

The reason I post all of this is because a- I don't think I'm interesting enough to stalk and b- I want those that are reading to really get to know me.

Confession: I want to make friends through this blog.

Would I write it even if no one read it? Absolutely.

Do I hope that more than seven people read, and more importantly, connect with my writing? Of course.

Do I have real life friends? Yes, I promise. Here's proof.

They're pretty great.

But back to the blog friends thing. Is this weird? Am I a creep? I know other bloggers make friends online that end up being real life friends, and I always wonder to myself when I read those stories "How did they know that person wasn't a murderer? Was it awkward?"

I am the type of girl that can talk to and get along with just about anyone. I can be overwhelming to some people. I'm sure they think something like "Why is this girl sharing all of this information?". Strangers in line, on a plane, whatever. I like to chat.

My constant need to spew content has gotten me in trouble many a time (I pray to GOD no one ever finds my MySpace or Xanga accounts. Did you people have Xanga?). It has also made me a lot of friends.

The Maid of Honor in my wedding actually spend the first six months of our friendship trying to avoid me. She is super shy. I'm not.

Picture of a picture. Me and my MOH TEN years ago.

Anyway, I have never been afraid to put myself out there, so why start now?

I certianly do not have all the time in the world. I have to admit though, some of the sweet emails and comments I've gotten so far about my blog and my posts have really touched my heart. It's amazing the power that lies in words and a kind email. Thank you for everyone that has encouraged me to get this space going. I can't wait to see what other sweet people this little blog leads me to :)

Anonymous said...

I love this post! I've made so many friends via blogging that I consider "real life" friends, even though we have yet to actually meet. But we video chat, talk on the phone, text, etc. And I'm about 97% sure they're all real, non-creepy people! Haha. It's always a risk we take, but most risks are more than worth the reward :)

Lindsey @ Life on Countryside said...

Love this post, and its not weird!

I am the same way! Perfectly normally. I too would write if no one read, but the connections we can make in blog land are amazing!

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