Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Weekend Update

The highlight of my weekend was for sure watching the Super Bowl.

And by watching I mean binge eating and Tweeting about the commercials and lighting catastrophe.

Linking up this week with Sami and Leeann!

Some thoughts...

1. That Go Daddy commercial was disgusting.

What the hell is Go Daddy anyway? I've been wondering for years, but I don't want to Google it and give them any web traffic.

2. I love dip.

Anyone that knows me knows I love cheese. Like I really love cheese.

Most dips are mainly cheese. Therefore, I love dip.

Caprese Dip
Fresh mozzarella made it a little watery, but still amazing

3. Fast and Furious 6? Seriously? Not sure how this is even possible, but wow. Someone somewhere has got to be laughing that they are still making money off of this.

4. I am so ready for the next Star Trek movie. I LOVE Zoe Saldana. If they ever make my life into a movie, that's who I want to play me. I can dream, right???

5. Signs you're getting old: It's been 15 YEARS since Jared lost all that weight with Subway? Seriously?

I kind of stopped paying attention at this point.

I got a new Cincinnati Magazine and had a few Redd's Apple Ales in the fridge, and those seemed much more appealing.

Here's to another Monday!

Jamie said...

That caprese dip looks AMAZING!

Treasure Tromp said...

completely agree - Go Daddy was gross.

brittany @ g squared said...

Thanks! It was great!

brittany @ g squared said...

I can't believe anyone would even think that's a good idea!!!

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