Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our Story, Engagement Prequel Part Deux

You can read part one, here :) Now, where was I?

To celebrate my return to the 513, I went to a little tavern in our neighborhood with a friend.

Now I had been frequenting this particular establishment for years and years, and always thought to myself, “I can’t believe I’ve never met anyone here”. The place is crawling with bachelors. I’m talking at least 5-10 men for every female in attendance. That thought came and went as it always did, as Ash and I settled at our usual bar stools to chat with her boyfriend who bar-tended there.

A little fact about me- I have height radar. Any human being 6’00'' or taller stands out to me like a sore thumb. Girls, because I am always on the hunt for a friend I can look at in the eye, and guys, because I was always on the hunt for a date I could look in the eye. Are you also a giant? Want to commiserate with me? Talk about how horribly awesome it is? Seriously, send me an email. I could go on for days. Anyhow- that’s when I first noticed him. Will, standing at a table talking to another guy, laughing and smiling and just looking like I wanted to talk to him.

“Why can’t I date guys like that?”

That was honestly my first thought. I could tell by the way he was dressed that he had a “real job” and had just come from work. He was taller than me, had a gorgeous smile, and was obviously enjoying his life and just exuding happiness and personality.

“Oh well.”

Fast-forward a few shots in, and Mr. Personality is sitting next to me, chatting me up about who knows what. I’d learned that Will was a regular there, and was a new friend of Ash and her bf. I could tell he was flirting with me, but I didn’t really expect anything to come of it. Remember the ratio? It’s not like there were a ton of girls to choose from.

An hour or so later, Ash decided she wasn’t feeling well, but suggested I stay and hang out with Will and his friend. She assured me she’d come get me if I needed, and her BF would be there to look out for me. I later found out when I’d gone to the restroom, Will had concocted this plan to get some alone time with me. He’s a sneaky one :)

I agreed and spent the next few hours telling stories and laughing with my two new friends. We shut down the bar, and decided to go to the late night sushi place next door. The three of us may have had one too many cocktails, and ended up realizing we were in no shape to be in a sushi restaurant. We decided to take the sushi to go and finish it at Will’s place across the street.

At this point, my senses started to kick in. "What the heck are you doing? It’s who knows what time, and you’re going back to a strangers house!? BIG NO NO BRITTANY". I’m a dare devil, what can I say. I also was a quick sprint home if things started to get weird. I don’t recommend these behaviors, but hey, I’m a risk taker. Or an idiot. The jury is still out.

Luckily, I survived. All fears were squashed when shortly after arriving to his place, Will got sick (presumably from binge eating sushi) right in front of me. The poor guy was so embarrassed. He ran inside to clean himself up shouting out to me “Don’t leave! Please, I’ll be right back!”

The whole this was a hilarious really. And luckily, he turned out not to be a murderer.

The next day, I had  NO idea what to think. Will had had me write down my number on a table tent at the bar, so I had no idea if he even still had my number. I knew where he lived of course, but I didn’t want it to come to that. Basically, I had low expectations. I didn’t want to set myself up for failure. I’d had a realllly fun time though, so I was hoping maybe he’d surprise me. And surprise me he did.

That next day, Will asked if he could take me to breakfast. It was a little strange since we'd just met, and I didn't have liquid courage on my side. But something about it was just right.

Will took me home after breakfast, then just a few hours later we were together again for dinner and another night out.

I don't really remember our plans the consecutive days, but they went something like go to work, meet up, hang out, repeat. We've been inseparable since, really. It took about 2 weeks for him to ask me to be his girlfriend, and just another week after that for him to tell me he loved me. I was a little scared at first, and it seemed quick to my head, but my heart knew better. There was no pressure involved in the situation. It was clear to both of us we were going to be together, and we didn't feel the need to wait.

I want to conclude this part of our story with a little tangent that I feel very strongly about.

Every. Relationship. Is. Different.

I really believe that every couple is ready for different stages at different points. I've dated guys for months and months and never said the "L" word. I've dated guys for two months I thought I could never live without. I know people who were together for years before they became serious that are now happily married, and some who had children within months of meeting, and are just as happy. This is our story, and though a bit "fast" and shocking for some people, it has been perfect for us.

Part three found here.
Jen said...

I am loving reading this, and can't wait to hear more. I also wanted to say that I totally agree with your statement about every relationship being different. I have always been in relationships that seem to go on forever before a commitment is made, if one ever gets made. When I met Rick, things seemed to go so super fast, but it felt right. I kept telling myself, this is going fast, what are you doing?? But then I had a good friend remind me that when it is right, things can move faster. The reason why they were so slow before is because it wasn't right. So thank you for bringing this up again, because I think it is an important thing to think about :) Happy almost Friday!!

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