Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Cardinal Rule...

I broke it.

I'm no real estate expert. But I watch a lot of HGTV, and I've moved a bunch of times, and I'm pretty sure the #1 rule is...

Do NOT fall in love with a house, until you sell the one you already own.

Especially when your house has been on the market for three months and you've yet to receive one. single. offer.

The problem with that rule, is the internet. It is oh so easy to browse the hundreds of for sale homes in the area with the tap of a few keys. It's also easy to download's app and obsesses over it. I have been doing both of those things for months, but it really hasn't gotten me into any trouble. Yes, there have been homes I've liked, that were beautiful, that we could afford- but nothing so stellar that my heart was broken when it sold. Until now.

While open houses are going on at our place, we like to attend others. I wasn't able to make it out of town for my sweet friend's shower today, so instead we did decided to continue the tradition and look at a few places. And today, it happened.

I found it. The one. Actually, three of them.

I have wanted new construction from day one. I waver daily on many of my "must haves", but in reality, I've known that's what is best for us. I just truthfully didn't think we could afford new construction that was up to my standards, in an area I'd actually want to be in. Until now.

By the grace of God I stumbled upon this listing the day it was posted. The pictures were nothing short of absolutely gorgeous. We're talking over sized windows, tons of natural light, rich hardwoods, an over sized lot, all my favorite finishes, an office with French doors, two walk in closets in the master. I could gush forever. It was like I'd designed the house myself. After a little more research I realized that the two homes next door to it were also still for sale. And one of them was having an open house!

Can we say jackpot?!

Naturally I dragged Will there, assuming he'd do his usual bit- nod every now and then, make a comment here or there when he sees something especially good or bad. Show no emotion. That kind of thing. But today, to my shock and amazement, he actually got excited about the houses. Three tours, and lot of discussion later, here I am at home, planning in my head which of them is best for us.

The ranch with the walk out basement? The move in ready place I originally fell in love with? The still under construction model that would allow us to choose all our finishes? How will I decorate it?

Wayfair. Love.

Did I mention our house is still for sale?

So yes, I broke it. The cardinal rule. My heart is still full of hope though, because there are THREE possibilities. Even better, the street still has a few empty lots we can get our paws on if the sale of our current home takes a few more months. I am so refreshed and encouraged after this day, I could burst.

Extra prayers will be said that timing is on our side. That's what most things in life come down to isn't it? Timing. And prayers. And positive thinking. If everyone who reads this can please shoot me a prayer, positive thought, and/or cross their fingers for me, maybe we can make this happen ;)

Happy Sunday!!!!

jessica said...

i have my house for sale, too. it's been on the market now for a little over a month. i just keep telling myself that the right house will come at the right time, and then everything else will fall into place. i have had several lookers but no offers. i haven't found where i'm going to move to it's not the right time, right now.

we can keep are fingers crossed together. it'll the right time.
newest follower, btw

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