Monday, February 18, 2013

Funny Facts, Childhood Edition

My excited face. I've been practicing it for my Bridal Shower.

Ghostwriter. I just knew it was real, and I was going to be on that show. Still disappointed about that one...


I was sure if you turned off the TV, the show will pause.

I never could understand why it was always at a different spot when I turned the TV back on.

I'm pretty sure I invented DVR without even knowing it.


I also invented the idea of folding down the corner of your page to save your spot in a book.

I've been doing this since I was about 5 years old, and seeing as their was no Internet at the time, clearly I came up with it on my own.


I was kind of a nerd. I got really bad nose bleeds, and my dad would always take the vent off my heater and put a pot of water on the vent.

A makeshift humidifier of sorts.

He'd always tell me to make sure I put the vent back in the morning.

I never did.

Then one sad, sad day- my kitten fell. in. the. vent.

Luckily, my Grandma was German.

Puffy hair don't care. I also invented the side pony tail.

Note: My Omi's all red on red. She pulled it off so well. My Sketchers, bangs, and floods. 1999 was not kind to me.
Why is that lucky you ask?

Because the only thing you're allowed to do as a child when your Grandma is German, is learn to speak German, and learn to crochet.

So I crocheted a quick pot holder, tied it to a string, and dropped it down the vent.

The kitten grasped on, and I pulled it all the way up. It survived and lived a nice happy life.

I couldn't make this up if I tried.

Life was so simple when my biggest problems were cats in vents and frizzy hair.

Maybe not. Those are huge problems.

Here's to being grown up, and not delusional...

Most of the time ;)
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