Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Love Day! Did I mention I'm on The Browse?


I HATE when people say "EEEK!" but I catch myself partaking when I'm super excited.

Which I am right now.

Got a ton of wedding stuff done today.

Work was awesome.

The weather is gorgeous.

It's Valentine's Day and my Valentine is easily the best ever. In all the world, and in all the times of the world.

I got 2 dozen amazing roses.

I've already had two to-die-for cupcakes and I am about to go induldge in too much wine, and eat what is supposed to be the best steak in the city.

Still in a frenzy of excitement over getting to take part with this amazing blogger and this other amazing blogger in a blogging chat session.

Did I mention I'm on The Browse??


Is it weird I feel like a celebrity for the day?

Probably, but I'm gonna go with it.

That's all pals. Time to get prettied up. Happy V Day!

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