Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

+I really appreciate the fact that there are some tolerable cartoons on these days. A lot of them make me squirm, or are just plain annoying. We all enjoy Tickety Tock, Peter Rabbit, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Doc McStuffins. Honorable mention to Sophia the First and My Little Ponies. And no we do not watch all of this in one day.

+Is anyone else crazy excited about Prime Day on the 15th? I can't wait to see what kind of deals they have! Norah turns 1 next month, and I already have ideas for Christmas. Would love to just get some of that shopping out of the way now.

+My summer visitor (my sister) went home for a week or two and I am missing her like crazy. Not sure what I will do when the summer is over for good.

+Maybe it's teething, or the leap she's in, but Norah has been crazy clingy to me lately. I'm talking grasping on my clothes for dear life every time I have to put her down, and screaming bloody murder when I walk away even just two feet away. Please tell me this is a short, short phase? Currently she's pulling all the wipes out of the package, one by one, and I don't even care. You win some you lose some.

+#babyfever. That one pretty much explains itself.

+I feel so lucky to have the jobs that I do. The above mentioned point aside, I absolutely love being at home with N. I'm loving my Rodan+Fields business and the awesome women it's introducing me to. I love my part-time, from home job, my awesome boss there, and the fact that I'm able to keep my HR skills fresh. Just in case.

+Instagram has been cracking me up lately. How true is this?!

Happy Thursday! Linking up with Annie today.
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