Monday, June 12, 2017

checking in

I have no idea how it's been so many weeks since I last posted. I had (and still have) such solid intentions when it comes to updating this blog, but life keeps happening. Our days are so full of play time, endless snacks, play dates, enjoying the weather, walking around town, and errands. Our evenings are full of trying to cram in quality time with Dad after work, cooking, chores, and the bedtime saga. And our nights are full of the constant balance that is having adult time vs getting as much sleep as possible. And don't forget lots of wake ups to tend to a hungry baby, and sometimes a toddler request.

By the time the end of the day comes, I am just too beat to write a coherent post. I feel like we're coming into our own as a family of four though, so hopefully my energy level changes soon. This summer has already been filled with so many days I want to remember, and Asher has grown and changed so much in his almost six months of life.

Here's to hopefully being back at the blog life soon!

Allison said...

Such a sweet picture. I have so many drafted posts, but can barely make my one month updates for Alder, but I know that's the only way I'll remember half the things he is doing at each age so that's my motivation. Haha. Glad you are having a great summer and that you are getting in the groove of being a family of 4. We are getting there too!

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