Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I often tell people I'm not afraid of anything. Bats, spiders, sharks, the dark, being in a bad accident like a plane crash, all the usual suspects- really don't phase me. Of course I would rather not encounter any of the above under any circumstance, but I'm more disgusted by weird animals, and I believe when my times comes, God knows what he's doing.

But upon further reflection, there is one thing I'm afraid of. It's not any of the above happening to me, it's any of the above happening to someone I love. Specifically Will or my sisters. Of course I love all of my family and friends, but there is a feeling I have for those three people that I cannot explain. I would truly take a bullet for one of my girls in a heart beat, no hesitation, no questions asked, period. And the thought of living one second of my life without Will is enough to bring me to tears.

There is something so special about having younger siblings, specifically sisters that are a solid decade+ younger. I changed their diapers. Taught them to talk and walk. I've watched them learn and grow and turn into these mini adults with more sass and fashion sense than I'll ever dream of.  Maybe a little much with the pics, but they're so cute I couldn't choose.

And Will. My sweet, fun spirited, silly, loving, intelligent love and best friend. I will take this occasion to do a little bragging on this man. I could NOT be more proud of him. In the short, just about two years that I've known him, he has accomplished so much. It's no secret we fell in love quickly. Falling in love, having your girlfriend move in, proposing, and planning a wedding in under 2 years is enough to make anyone a little distracted. But not my Will. Not only has he done all of the above, but managed to finish his MBA at one of the top programs in this part of the country, with an A average. He's advance at work and helped contribute to some big changes in his company. All while still helping out at home and still treating me like a princess.

Bottom line, he's amazing. Will is not just the love of my life, but my shoulder to lean on, and my best friend. I really cannot imagine one second of my life without knowing he's in the other room, or will soon be on his way home to me.

So that is my biggest fear. One of these beautiful precious people being harmed in any way, or being taken away from me. I think I'll go tell all three how much I love them.

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