Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our Wedding: Getting Ready

Read about the rehearsal in my last post, here.

Getting ready was one of my favorite part's of our wedding day. I put a lot of time and effort into selecting the hair and makeup vendors, scheduling everyone, etc., because I knew this could make or break how the rest of the day went. I know if I have a bad morning, feel like my hair and makeup don't look good, or feel rushed, it ruins my entire day. I doubt anything could have ruined that day for me, but I wanted my bridal party to feel relaxed, pampered, and as pretty as I did!

We got up bright and early at 8:00am to start getting ready. My wonderful in-laws set up their sun room with plenty of tables and seating so everyone could eat breakfast together and watch each other have our hair and makeup done. Shorty after the adult bridesmaids got started, my Mom and sisters, SIL and niece, and our flower girl and her Mom (Will's cousin) arrived. It's been a long time since I was in a house full of girls, and I loved every second! Seeing my sisters run and play with Will's family was also by far one of my favorite wedding day experiences.

We were making such good time I waited till last to get my hair and makeup done, which I've heard is a big don't... but it worked well for me.

By the time 12:30 rolled around and everyone needed to get dressed, things got a little caotic. Between stuck zippers, clasps, and everyone trying to get their things together, things got a little crazy. Not to mention the one million buttons on my dress. Once we were all dressed though, our pictures taking went smoothly.

I had a mild freak out when the limo arrived and I realized I didn't have my "day of" bag packed- but as soon as that was resolved, we were off to the reception!



I hope to post tomorrow and this weekend about the ceremony and reception. Then next week about the honeymoon, closing on the house, and the big move! Tons to write about on this little blog in the near future :)

Happy Thursday!

Just Because
hope @ a cup of Hope said...

Aw Congratulations! Your wedding by far went a lot smoother than mine. I wish I had journaled all of my memories so they were fresh. :) You looked gorgeous!

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