Friday, April 4, 2014

The calm before the storm.

**Today we are officially 20 weeks! Yay for the half way point!**

Where did the first third of this year go? I am BEYOND happy to see freezing temperatures leave us behind. And while I’m also more than ready for better weather, long weekends, celebrations, and all the other wonderful things that come along with summer, I’m a little bit scared at the same time.

The month of April is truly going to be the calm before the storm for me this year. And that’s if your idea of calm is working full time, planning for a baby, prepping to be in one (maybe two) weddings this summer, all while being pregnant. Which luckily, for me, that’s calm.

The storm will really hit come May. My list of “things” for the fifth month of the year include:

Will’s birthday
My best friend’s wedding shower, which we’re throwing at my home
Our 1st wedding anniversary
The start of tri-weekly prenatal check ups
Mother’s Day

June will bring us:

My Birthday
One, probably two, of my baby showers
My best friend’s bachelorette party
The start of bi-weekly prenatal check ups
Father’s Day
Any and all final baby prep

August holds:

Parenting/Birthing classes
My Dad’s birthday
THREE of my best friend’s birthdays
Norah’s arrival date

Throw in baseball games, hospital tour, cook outs, family get togethers, and whatever other things pop up, and this is going to be one amazing, but exhausting summer. All this really means to me, is that over the next four weeks I have to find a really good balance. A balance between relaxing, down time, mentally preparing myself for all to come, nursery planning, house organizing, and making sure we have everything in order for a smooth delivery and bringing home baby experience.

Summer, I’m ready for you!
Kayla MKOY said...

You will definitely be a BUSY BEE, but girl I just know you're going to rock it! :) congrats on the half way mark! YAY!!

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