Monday, April 14, 2014

weekend recap + some

This was one of those weekends that I absolutely did NOT want to end. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the gorgeous weather and 70-80 degree temperature after what has quite literally been the worst winter of my entire life, but there's more to it than that.

On Friday, I came home to a shipment of maternity clothes I'd ordered earlier in the week. Hallelujah for pants that fit! And we finally painted the nursery. After some research on the safety of pregnant women painting, I decided to help out so we could knock it out in one night. I actually find painting relaxing, and the control freak in me loved contributing to this part of our little girl's room. That being said, I won't be painting any more rooms while pregnant. The smell wasn't super pleasant, it was hard bending and moving around with the belly, and by the end of the night, I felt like I'd run a marathon. I crashed hard around 11:00pm. I am in love with the colors we chose!

Saturday was just as lovely, but just as exhausting. Will and I both were up bright and early. He headed out to get some supplies to work on the yard, and patch a hole that Sadie had dug in the wall of the laundry room. I won't get too in to this disaster, but let's just say her fear of storms is stronger than her value for our laundry room wall, or her own paws for that matter. Anyway, off he went to take care of that, while I got ready for a full day of appointments and errands. I met my friend Christie Downtown for facials at Paragon and lunch at Taste of Belgium.

Both of these events truly deserve posts of their own. This was my second facial at Paragon, and while it was great the first time around, yesterdat was heaven for this pregnant lady. Quite, warm bed, massage, relaxing oils. I could have stayed for hours. I am seriously considering splurging on a full spa day at some point in this pregnancy. It was my first time at Taste of Belgium, and I could eat there every meal for the rest of my life. I could have done without the earth shattering construction noise that was going on literally feet away from our outdoor table, making it impossible to hear the person next to you, but hey, it was 70 degrees and I was stuffing my face. So I was able to get past that. After lunch I picked up a few things for Norah's nursery, and had the invitations printed for a wedding shower I'm helping host for my best friend.

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After all this, it was only maybe 2pm. Talk about a full morning! When I got home, yard work had taken place, and the hole was patched, so it had been a good day. The whole neighborhood was buzzing. People getting new landscaping, kids playing. I don't care what anyone says, I love the suburbs. I cleaned up the nursery and we hung the curtains as a last act of productivity for the weekend. The rest of the evening was spent at home, and I crashed again hard around 10pm. I clearly don't know when to call it a day, because I was literally exhausted to the point of a headache and nausea by bed time. Too much excitement in 24 hours.

But Sunday. Today really, as I am writing this Sunday night, was absolutely glorious. Heaven. I actually just teared up because I don't want this almost perfect day to end. As soon as I woke up, Will headed off to church to catch the early Mass, and the dogs and I hit the back deck. After deciding it was way too nice to spend any time indoors, I watered the flowers, opened all the windows in the house, and took my Baby Wise book and coffee out back.

I came in long enough to make breakfast just as Will was getting home from church, and we ate together on the deck. Then we just sat for a little while longer. I cannot explain the joy that is being a new(ish) home owner, and just enjoying the house you have put blood, sweat, and tears in to to make it a home. There truly is nothing better. Except maybe that on the first hot weekend of the year, while pregnant with your first child who you can't wait to meet, with two dogs and a husband you love more than you know how to express. The whole thing, it just really is/was too much.

So much so that I am dreading Monday even more than usual. And it's supposed to storm, so I'm hoping I don't come home to any more holes in the wall.

I think one of the main reasons (again, besides the weather after snowpocalypse 2013-2014) this weekend was so emotionally charged for me is that I really feel like I am half we through this pregnancy. Shower plans are starting. The nursery is coming together. I look and feel pregnant. It is so real, and I am so ready. There is so much yuck out in the world, it makes me at least a trillion times more grateful for my little life that we choose to live so happily and fully. I cannot wait to bring our little princess into this world and share these beautiful moments with her. 19 weeks (ish) to go!
Katie said...

LOVEEEEE the nursery!! Looks fantastic!

Your weekend sounded amazing. I was dreading today as well. Mostly every long day I get home with Charlotte, I want to be a stay at home mom so bad. We had the best little day with her yesterday.

Will showed us pictures Friday night of Sadie's laundry room incident....eek!!! Glad to hear it was able to be fixed!

Hannah said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend, I can understand why you wouldn't want it to end either!

There is nothing better than sitting on your patio enjoying some good weather and a good book (I LOVE Baby Wise, by the way). I'm sure your heart must have been so full just sitting there with your little family while enjoying your little baby squirming in your belly. Nothing better :)

Brittany said...

What a great weekend. I love the colors you chose for the nursery they look great!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful nursery! I love how simple and elegant it is. I'm glad you enjoyed the weekend since the weather so far this week has been less than pleasant!

Tess @ AModernSuburbanitesLife said...

awww. love this mushy post!

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