Thursday, January 8, 2015

thursday thoughts

Today there is no way I'm busting out anything but a totally random post. I feel like I have nothing to say these days, yet a ton of things I could write about. I'll tell you one thing that did not change in 2015, and that's my brain being totally scrambled. Here we go.

Today the in laws are coming over to watch the baby for a few hours. I have a dentist appointment, and am going to drive all the way across town to check out Bargains and Buyouts. We are in desperate need of some type of cabinet or hutch for our dining area, and I need some storage for all the junk that used to be in my office, now that that office is now a guest room. I can get just about anywhere in Cincinnati in 30 minutes, except across town, which is more like a 45 min drive. I live about as far east in the 513 as you can get, and this place is about far west as you can get, so I hope it's worth the drive. Honestly, even if I don't find anything, it will be good to get out and about. Being trapped inside with no one to talk to except a 4 month old can be rough.

I meal planned this week and it's been fabulous. Monday we had teriyaki chicken with rice and vegetables. Tuesday was slow cooker sausage tortellini. Yesterday was slow cooker chicken tortilla soup. The rest of the week will include copy cat KFC mashed potato bowls, one pot baked ziti, and kielbasa and potatoes. These meals were all plenty to have leftovers for lunch or even a second dinner, and we have dinner plans with friends Friday, so I expect these meals to last us even into next week. It has made my life so much easier knowing what we're having for dinner ahead of time, especially when the recipes involve the crock pot. I am absolutely going to keep this up in the coming weeks. All recipes found here.

As mentioned above it is much harder than expected being home with a baby all day. Not hard in the sense that I don't want to do it, or it takes too much effort, but hard in the sense that it is kind of lonely. I am an extremely social person and not having coworkers to talk to really makes the day seem a lot longer. I find myself texting or on social media a lot, which I don't love. I don't want Norah to get used to seeing me with my nose it my phone, so I really look forward to it getting warmer out. Bring on the play dates, park visits, and neighborhood walks. One can only play so many games of peek-a-boo.

That being said… I'm loving that we're no longer in the "survival mode" of having a baby. Norah can (sort of) play, interact, and show that she likes certain things and doesn't like others. I know as she gets older this will only get better and better. I'm sure there will be days when it seems like time is racing by, but for now, I am loving each new things she learns to do.

Annnd that's all for now. This week has flown by, happy almost Friday!

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Thoughts for Thursday
According to Jax said...

Girl - I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bargains and Buyouts! About 6 pieces in my house are from there!! Let me know what you end up buying! :)

Caitlyn {Home Sweet Ruby} said...

I wish I was as good as you are about meal planning! I know what you mean about being lonely at home too... I work from home so I really miss the social aspect of it too and I'm sure it will feel the same once our son comes along. Hang in there mama!

Kayla MKOY said...

When you say you live about as Far East as you can get-- what do you mean? Cause I'm pretty sure I live as far as in Cincy ;) too funny. Can't wait to see you and your pretty home soon!!!

FourSistersBlog said...

I just moved to Cincinnati this fall and hadn't heard of Bargains and Buyouts so thanks for the tip! I'll have to take a trip and check it out once we get out of the single digits!

Erin LFF said...

My mom just went to Bargains and Buyouts and had great luck- so hopefully you do too!! :)

Katie said...

You have to tell me how this Bargains and Buyouts is!! I have heard great things. Also, I got your text the other day about the library event...Lynne has taken Charlie to the Mariemont and she loved it. I'm sure once I get settled in, I'll be up for taking Charlie! Although, I think I need to look at times now that her nap time has changed to 12-3.

Sara McCarty said...

I'm so impressed with your meal planning. And don't worry, it does get easier with a baby and you get more social as they get older and have friends and can do more things. Plus, the nicer weather this spring will really help! Hang in there!

Shelley said...

i keep hearing about bargains and buyouts! you'll have to post about it and what you think. i had hoped to make a trip there while austin and i were home for christmas but it didn't work out.

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