Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Just Keeps Coming

I really wish I could post a picture of the wedding dress I picked out.

It is honestly perfectly ME and I cannot wait until it comes in...

Four months from now. Blah.

I can't wait to hunt for the perfect accessories.

The change in dress is however making me rethink my colors. I was dead set on navy, gray and teal... but now I just don't know.

In other news from the weekend...

My fiancé left sweet notes


There was lots of studying

Happy Monday!

bekkah said...

cute blog! and cute engagement story. i'm a low key kinda person myself. :]

Holly said...

Yay for choosing a wedding dress! That's exciting! :)

Brit @ For the Better said...

Thank you!!

Brit @ For the Better said...

Thanks! I can't wait to get it in!

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