Wednesday, September 25, 2013

down the road

I have a really awesome drive to work in the morning. While I wish I lived 5 minutes away from my office instead of 30, I actually really enjoy the scenery and peace and quite I get before I dive in to a busy work day.One of my favorite things about the area we live in is all the trees. There are undisturbed woods everywhere.

You have to be a lot more cautious of deer popping out, and careful in bad weather as the roads are hilly and windy, but it's a small price to pay for 30 minutes of pure happiness in the morning. All of the mansions and gorgeous historic homes I pass don't hurt either. These are two of my favorites that I pass, depending on which way I go that day.

On today's drive "Down the Road" by Kenny Chesney came on the radio, and I got goosebumps. Even teared up a bit I think. Now that song's lyrics have zero to do with my personal story, but for some reason it really got me. Maybe because it made me think about how one day we'll hopefully have a daughter, and maybe she will fall in love with someone who lives near us (we hope to stay in our current home forever, or at least long into our children's lives) as we speak, this very minute.

Maybe it got to me because my dad has always wanted me to be with someone who can help take care of me, and mom is always happier when someone is a Christian. Honestly, I think it just got to me because it's an emotional song, and I'm a sucker for lyrics that tell a story. Either way, it made me 100 times more thankful for my peaceful, happy drive to work with time to reflect. I'll probably lose patience with the entire human race by about 11:15am, so i'll enjoy this feeling while it lasts ;)

Happy Wednesday! Modern Family premiers tonight, so all is right in the world.
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