Wednesday, September 4, 2013

oh the places you'll go

If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

This is so, so easy for me. TRAVEL. I would travel all over the world, and plenty of places not too far from home. I recently created a Pinterest board (where I got all the pics for this post) to make sure I don't lose track of all the places I want to go.

First, all over Ohio to visit my friends and family. This would be the first week or so. After that, it'd be straight to Chicago to meet up with my mom and sisters. I'd have them come along for the rest of the trips, but with their own hotel rooms. Teenage girls are exhausting.

FIrst we'd stay in the US (I originally typed "the UC" ... football on the brain much?). We'd go to New Orleans for the food then California wine country for the scenery, and of course the wine. To New England to see the oldest part of our country, then Hawaii to relax on the beach. I think that'd probably cover the first month or so.

Next would absolutely be off to Europe. I'm sure we could spend the entire second month there. I'd start in Germany. I've always wanted to see the country my Grandmother is from, and I love German food (and beer). I think the architecture and culture there is so unique and interesting, it's on the top of my list for real life travel. Next I'd hit all the other must-see countries. England. France. Spain. Greece. That's probably about all I could fit into the second month. I am not a "do-er" when it comes to vacation. I like to walk around, shop, eat, drink, relax, repeat.

My final month would probably be split between Australia and Africa. Africa because it's such a different part of the world, and important part of the world, I could never pass it up if this were a real opportunity.  Australia because I love the accents, I think it's beautiful, and I have a weird fascination with aborigines.

I'm now realizing I forgot Russia. I'd definitely have to throw Moscow in there. I spent hours fantasizing over the movie Anastasia has a child, and I've for some reason always wanted to see it. I don't know a lot about Russia, but every time I see a pictures, it just seems like it cant be real. So far away and different that America, I can't even imagine what it'd be like to live or even visit. My first and only time out of the US was our honeymoon, so I'm a little but of a traveling virgin.

I think that about wraps it up! How I'd spend my three months of anything time. Anyone have a couple million dollars laying around so I can make this happen?

Hopefully I live another 80 years and can cross most, or all, of these things off my bucket list.

Happy Wednesday!
Maggie said...

That is a busy three months girlfriend! All place I would dream of visiting day :)

Found your post via Blogtember and I'm glad I did!

Lani Derrick said...

We went the same route! So much to see!

Toni de Lara said...

Haha, yes, if only someone could kindly throw millions of dollars our way so we can all travel. :) I wish you luck with the things on your bucket list!

Anonymous said...

Hello Fellow Blogtember-er! :) Love your post, traveling is so much fun and I think we can all relate to wanting to travel. I would go SO many places if money or time wasn't an issue. :) Nice job!

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