Friday, June 5, 2015

Recent Favorites + Must Haves

As always, TGIF. This Friday brings us the end of a week of a traveling dad/husband, so it will be especially sweet. I decided to post today about a few things that have been making the "baby is into every damn thing" phase of our life a little easier. And a couple of other things that I would love no matter what the stage of life. Lets get to it.

1. This "The Original Flap Happy" flap hat. My in-laws brought it back from Hawaii for N, and we haven't looked back since putting it on her little noggin. At first I thought it would look silly, but it's absolutely adorable, stays on, and gives great face and neck coverage. This baby will keep NOTHING on her head, except this hat. I think I'm going to order more! N has a flamingo style not featured online, but I've got my eyes on these prints for the future.

2. Anthropologie candles. I recently picked up two candles from Anthro, and I can't stop burning them. I feel like they're scents that would go well in any room in any season. They were 50% off in my store, making them way cheaper than the Bath and Body or Yankee variety. I highly recommend!

3. Madewell Transport Tote

I love our diaper bag (here), but it is so big sometimes it just doesn't make sense to use it. W got me this tote for an anniversary gift (per my request) and I haven't carried another bag since. I have this black version with brown handles, but I was this close to getting the frosted willow or english saddle. It's the perfect size to be pulled off as a purse, but actually hold everything for mom and baby. I love it! Mine also has a monogram which makes it that much more special. Madewell will do the monogram for you, and it still was shipped very quickly.

4. Whitney English Day Designer.

I've been super busy and super forgetful, so a planner is a must. I think just like a lot of bloggers, I can't do just an iPhone calendar for all my appointments and reminders. I need to write things down. It was hard to decide between this planner and the Emily Ley Simplified Planner (which also has an app now). I think I would have been happy with either honestly. The EL planner is a bit smaller, but that wasn't really important to me. If you want to give Whitney a try, she offers free printables that mimic the planner setup. Try those out here.

I suck at meal planning, and I love eating out because I want quality dinners that I don't have to think about. Since we've yet to win the lottery and be able to afford to eat our every meal, this leaves me struggling constantly on what to cook. When my friend Christie offered me up a week of free Blue Apron meals, I couldn't wait. We've since ordered another week and will be ordering more maybe in a few weeks.

Basically you get online, select your meals, and that's it. All the ingredients and very detailed, clear instructions show up at your house. So far I've made 4 recipes and they were all delicious. A couple of them I wasn't sure about, and they were definitely things I didn't see myself ever cooking, but we loved them! It isn't the quickest, but it sure takes the guess work out of dinner.

And that's it! Happy weekend!

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Michelle said...

My daughter loves blue apron meals. She does them weekly because she too hates to plan it out, and well generally hates to cook. Her husband actually makes the meal. I have a similar bag like your tote. Love it, I throw everything in it. Visiting from Oh Hey Friday.

Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

that tote is beautiful. and that hat is sooo cute. Stopping by from the link up

Sarah Shaneyfelt said...

The Blue Apron meals looks really enticing, and I could use anything to save me time! I will have to check them out!

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