Tuesday, June 30, 2015

mom first

I'm just going to say it. Working from home is a bitch. I try to keep swear words of the internet but it is what it is. I have been Googling, emailing, texting, venting to friends, and everything in-between to try and figure out what it is I'm missing. Surly there is some tool out there to make juggling housework and  baby wrangling and working and bathing a little less like a chaotic roller coaster and a little more like the dream that "working from home part time" sounds like.

Here's what I've learned.

First of all, there is no tool. Surprise, surprise.

Secondly, you have to prioritize. For me, I can't focus on a darn thing unless my house is pretty clean, so I know I have to make time to keep things as organized as possible, or I won't be able to focus on anything for more than 10 seconds. So that has to come first for me. And on that note, I have to make sure bottles are clean, toys are available in each room, and N is taken care of, or again, I won't be able to focus on anything else, like I don't know, work. It seems I'm a wife and mom first, and an employee second, and it took me some time to realize that that was going to have to be ok.

Third. Nap time does NOT equal work time. Working during nap time sounds all well and good in theory, but the reality is, my kid is not a consistent napper. I am much better off working in the early mornings when she's still asleep, or when she's bright eyed and entertains herself all morning playing with toys and crawling around the living room.

Fourth. There should be a support group for this. Luckily I have a couple of friends in the real world and the blog world going through the same thing, so there is at least people to commiserate with.

I wouldn't change this opportunity for the world. In so many ways, I really do have it all, and I'm not blind to that. It's just a lot harder than imagined. I realize I'm working by choice, so I did this to myself, but I feel like I'd be insane not to do it for as long as possible in order to save money, pay for extras, and hello, shop.

Here's to figuring out the perfect balance!
hope @ a cup of Hope said...

Girl, I am right along with you! I just started a home based business, and it can be very challenging! But--- I did decided to do this to help my family, and this is better than being away from my kiddos for 50 hours a week. I've left the blogging world for a bit and am now back! Nice to see all is going great for you!!!

Allison said...

I work from home a few days a week and it is crazy. You are so right about nap time not being work time. Haha no way. Hope we can meet at the Nature Center soon!!

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