Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Asher 11 Weeks

Not exactly a normal time to write an update, but here we are. Asher buddy, you are everything my heart needed and more. I have a hard time imagining babies as people until they start to get a little bit of a personality, sit up, etc., but I can already tell that you are going to be so silly and sweet. Just like your sister, except this week, when she is acting like a total (almost) threenager. You are usually so, so happy, and really only cry when you are tired or hungry. I know it's early and so much can and will change, but I genuinely think you're going to be the sweetest little guy.

You have literally doubled in size since birth, going from the six pound range to the twelve pound range in just two short months. You have the chunkiest little face, huge blue eyes, dark hair, and the sweetest smile. You're an incredibly cute baby and I know you will be the apple of my eye. I always thought of your sister as my best friend, more like a sidekick. I know you will always be the baby. At this point I am 99% confident in saying that you are our last child, and it really feels like you're the perfect completion to this family.

You definitely get less physical attention (being held, rocked) than I'd like due to how crazy our schedules can be, but it's probably teaching you a little independence, and we are sure to get plenty of snuggles and cuddles when we can.

You LOVE your mobile, swing, rock and play, baths, being sung to/talked to, mirrors, and being outside. You don't love tummy time, but will tolerate it. Honestly the only things you hate are being hungry or tired, which is all babies, and all people really, so who can blame you.

You met all your milestones at your two month appointment as far as gaining weight, tracking light, etc. Still measuring on the smaller side of things height and weight wise, but you look like a "normal" size to me, so I'm happy.

N on the left, A on the right. Two months. Near twins!

You are taking roughly 4 naps a day, and eating about 5 times a day, and 2 more times in the middle of the night. I think your sister dropped her night feedings all together around this time, so I am hoping you'll drop down to at least one. I know all babies are different through so trying not to expect you to do what she did. Breastfeeding is going much better with you than it did with her and we hope that continues. You sleep in your crib at night, but we've been using the swings for naps. That is honestly because it works and mom is too lazy to deal with another transition right now, but we plan to institute crib naps at three months. Or try to at least.

We love you buddy!

Erin LFF said...

HE IS SO CUTE, BRITTANY!!!!!!! I'm glad things are going so well for you all!

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