Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I didn’t intend on letting almost a whole week slip by before I wrote another post, but my weekend was a lot more eventful than I’d planned!

Friday right after work my job held our “Holiday/Employee Appreciation Party”. Will met me there and we enjoyed length of service awards, a yummy catered dinner and a couple glasses of wine with most of my coworkers and their spouses.

The event was held in one of our halls. The great thing about working at an attraction is every day you get to be at a place other people have to take time out of their lives to visit. Since my department’s offices are below ground I rarely get to enjoy the beauty of all of the amazing things around me—it was nice.

I guess Friday’s theme was work, because after leaving the dinner (and a quick stop home to let out Holly) we went to my old job to have drinks with a few friends. My old job is about half an hour outside the city, and most of my old co workers live out in that area. As I worked there for three years some of those girls are my best friends, and I don't get to see them nearly enough. Low key but super fun night. 

Saturday + Sunday = FOOTBALL. Sat afternoon we met up with a few other couples to watch the Bengals in the playoffs. The bar we went to is a local favorite that has just been renovated. Love the new look and it was PACKED. Unfortunately we lost, but I will take any excuse to meet up with friends and have good food and a few drinks.

Sunday was exactly what it should be. I didn’t change out of my PJ’s, had tons of fun with our dogs, lazed and laughed and just hung out with the BF all day. There were however three exciting events.


Will is OBSESSED with the man and I’m slowly being converted- so it was a good game for me. Great to see such a good person succeeding and not turning into a complete mess, even when they get some serious fame. I also recently decided I think my handsome BF kind of looks like Tebow. His mom and one of my friends said the same thing just as Will and I were arguing about it. (He does not agree).

Tebow eyes!

2. I made dinner and it was YUM

I am by no means a chef. I can cook, but I have to follow recipes very closely and I’m usually in a small panic throughout the entire process. My one new years goal however was to eat out less, so with many thanks to Pinterest I’ve been channeling my inner Martha Stuart. 


Last night’s dish was Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups, and they were amazing! I meant to take pictures but like I said, small panic.

3.     Yagoot
       I *think* this is only in Ohio. If you are ever in the area or happen across this fabulous establishment. I suggest you try it IMMEDIATELY. Specifically the Pomegranate, which is one of their seasonal flavors. 

So delish I've stopped kidding myself with the cups and graduated to the take home tub.

First weekend of 2012 was a huge success. Happy Monday!


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