Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I normally won't have time (nor is my life that interesting) to post more than once a day, but I figure in the spirit of appreciation I will play along with This Kind of Love and "What I'm Loving Wednesday". Not to mention a lot of blogs I read do it and I want to do a link up!

So this Wednesday, the first of 2012, I am loving...

My Pups, Sadie and Holly

As I am home from work today and Will is not, so I am very thankful to have these little monsters around. I was never a huge dog person until I got my own, but now I can't imagine a day without them! This picture was taken mid-attack. (play attack of course) Normally you can find them sleeping like they are in the post below!


I am always loving Pinterest, but it's especially fab this week in my book! My number one goal for this year is to eat out less and grocery shop/cook more. Thanks to this lovely site I have found many delish and EASY recipes that have satisfied both me and the BF ... or so he says ;). I doubt I'll ever really know if he dislikes something I make because he knows I want to be a good cook, but so far his reactions to my creations have seemed genuinely pleased.

A few of my recent endeavors include:

I've also snagged the ingredients to make these masterpieces. Can't wait!


I love the holidays. I also love the calm after the holidays to begin a new year. And I definitely have nothing to complain about weather wise. 

Ohio is known for its horrific winters, and besides the past two days of freezing my butt off, the weather has been fab. BUT... I am just not a winter time girl. Therefor, I am loving that in less than two months I will be enjoying the sandy beaches of Key West, FL with the love of my life and his awesome 'rents!

Here's to beach houses!!

Reality TV

With the absence of The Office, Modern Family, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead and the rest of my shows, I have had to switch gears to reality television. 

All of my guilty pleasure, boarder line trash-bag, hilarious, must-see and/or just plain old awesomely bad shows have not let me down the past few weeks and there have been a few newbies I may add to the DVR list too!

Last but not least, all the amazing people in my life... but that's EVERY day :)

Thanks for checking out my first link up! 


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