Wednesday, February 19, 2014


1. Our Valentine's Day dinner was amazing. I laughed till I cried (literally… really classy over here), and we even got a great picture from the hostess that she printed off for us (not this crappy one from my phone). Thanks Jeff Ruby. The whole weekend was pretty great in fact. Saturday I caught up on a little cleaning and did a whole lot of baby product research. Sunday we went to church and I went to a fun baby shower.

2. I really don't care if I get stretch marks. I've always had sensitive skin that scared really easily, and I'm a pretty big klutz, so weird marks and scars are nothing new in this neck of the woods. I'm certainly just as superficial as the next girl… I think? I never leave the house without makeup, and I'm as girly as they come, but when it comes to stretch marks… the thought just doesn't bother me. I'm about to start using a little extra lotion in the belly area to soothe the itchiness, but there will be no special earth space magic oil elixirs here.

3. Does anyone else get paranoid everyone is hanging out without them? I feel like my social life has taken a serious nose dive since the big news. Maybe no one is doing anything due to the horrible weather. Maybe I have pregnancy paranoia. Maybe I am so tired I've slept through all my friend's calls lately. Whatever it is, I'm not sure if I even care… but I might.

4. I heard birds and saw the sun this morning! Spring is coming! I also had my first baby dream, and it involved a girl. Hopefully this is a sign?

Shelley – Little Midwest Ramblings said...

this made me giggle: "special earth space magic oil elixirs" and i totally have the same paranoia that everyone is hanging out with me. i'm sure it's just the weather! (at least that's what i'm telling myself!)

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