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Pregnancy Update: Weeks 4 - 7

Whenever I enter a new phase of life, I love nothing more than to "Google it". Whether it be information on different cities, traveling, jobs, school, real estate, whatever: I head straight to the internet. Finding out I was pregnant was no different. I was so, so excited to be pregnant, I wanted to shout it from the rooftops. I really wanted to keep it quiet as long as possible though, so my urge to head straight to the internet was even stronger since there were so few people I could talk to about it. Not to mention so much information to learn!

I had a hard time finding blogs that started tracking pregnancy before 12 or so weeks, so I knew when we "came out" I wanted to post my early pregnancy updates. Today I'm going to share week's 4-7. I'll share weeks 8-11 in another post, then try to post one a week until we're in real time. I won't have any bump pictures until week 13 or so, but there truly has been nothing to show till now.

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Four Week Update
How Far Along: 4 weeks.

Size of Baby: A poppy seed.

Gender: TBD.

Weight Gain: Nothing just yet.

Feeling: Blessed. Undeservedly, unbelievably blessed. I have no idea why I have been blessed by God so much in this life, but I am on cloud nine. I pray it continues and will do everything in my power to keep the good times coming.

Maternity Clothes: Slightly bloated, but hopefully we’re far from needing any update on this topic.

Nursery: I know which guest room we’ll use, but that’s all that’s official. I have a private board on Pinterest where I’ve been collecting ideas for a while. I don’t plan to make any decisions until we know the sex.

Movement: Much too early for any of that.

Symptoms: Hungry. Tired. Emotional. I’ve recently cried over a Goo Goo Dolls song on my way to work, a Dick’s Sporting Goods Commercial, and a few other silly things that normally would just make me smile. If we’re being honest, some songs always make my cry. But normally it’d be a tear or two. Now we’re talking full out waterworks.

Sleep: Normally I sleep like a rock, but the past few nights I’ve woken up around 2am and not been able to get back to sleep for an hour or so. Hopefully this is short lived, but I have a feeling it may be around for a while.

Cravings: Food in general. Since no extra calories are needed yet, I’m attributing this one to my hormones going crazy.

What I Miss: It’s only been a few days since we’ve known, but I know I will miss eating sushi and lunch meats. And lets be honest here, booze. All well worth the sacrifice though. I’m just hoping to be able to fool my family at Christmas when I don’t indulge in certain foods/drinks.

Best Moment This Week: Getting so many positive pregnancy tests. The first couple were touch and go, and I had no clue if I was losing my mind or not.

Looking Forward To: My doctor appointment this Thursday. I coincidentally already had one scheduled. Great timing! I can’t wait to hear the news from a doctor’s mouth.

Thankful For:  That this is all even happening. That I am healthy and God willing that health will bring us a safe and full term pregnancy and healthy baby.  Also thankful that I made it through my first outing without drinking and no one asked too many questions!

Five Week Update
How Far Along: 5 weeks.

Size of Baby: An apple seed.

Gender: Still a long ways off! We will be happy with either of course, but I have always been team girl, and Will team boy.

Weight Gain: Barely half a pound, so nothing yet really.

Feeling: Great! I’ve been quite tired and a teeny tiny but nauseous here and there, but nothing major. Kind of like I’m getting over a cold. I actually would love to feel some crazy symptoms right now, just so I knew everything was going ok in there. I expected the symptoms so much it sometimes worries me that they’re not here, so trying to stay positive and calm.

Maternity Clothes: Another thing we’re hopefully a far ways away from. My Mom tried to get me to go into a maternity store at the mall the other day but I just couldn’t do it.

Nursery: Still a guest room. Been pinning like crazy, but no official decisions here until we know the sex.

Movement: Too early.

Symptoms: Never quite feeling 100% rested. Taking naps which I never do. Hungry.

Sleep: This is so-so. I’m going to bed much earlier than usual most nights, but I rarely sleep through the night these days. Half the time I’m up to go to the bathroom, the other half of the time I think it’s just nerves and excitement waking me up.

Cravings: Nothing yet.

What I Miss: It’s strange having to think so hard about what I’m going to eat, but I haven’t really missed anything too much. It’s even stranger to go through the holidays without a glass of red wine or a Christmas beer, but worth it of course.

Best Moment This Week: Telling my Mom and sisters the big news. We’d originally planned to wait longer, but we just couldn’t since they’re staying with us for a few days. We also plan to tell Will’s parents in the next couple of days. My Mom absolutely freaked out and started crying, and my sisters smiled ear to ear for the next hour. It’s so fun to share this with them!

Another awesome moment was going to the doctor and getting the pregnancy confirmed. Since it’s so early they didn’t have too much info to give me, but exciting to hear the news from the doctor none the less.

Looking Forward To: Telling Will’s parents. My 10 week appointment when we get to hear the heartbeat!

Thankful For:  Still in shock and so thankful we were able to get pregnant relatively quickly. Thankful I’m in good health and hoping that continues for me and the baby for the remainder of this pregnancy.

Six Week Update
How Far Along: 6 weeks.

Size of Baby: A sweet pea.

Gender: Still TBD.

Weight Gain: It’s been really up and down. As of today, I’m up about 2 pounds. Thinking this is mostly bloat, because my pants are definitely uncomfortably tight these days.

Feeling: Pretty good overall. I’ve had a cold the past few days, which hasn’t helped anything, but thankfully nothing too major.

The nerves have somewhat subsided and I’m really trying to take comfort in the fact that I am listening to my body and taking care of myself. I know that anything can happen at any time, but as a health woman at prime baby age, I have to trust God is watching over me and this little bebe!

Maternity Clothes: Jeans are a little tight, but luckily my work pants are mostly on the loose side, so no need for adjustments there yet. 

Nursery: Still a guest room.

Movement: Too early.

Symptoms: Still feeling quite a bit of fatigue and nausea, but it really depends on the day. As I’m typing this, I feel 100% normal. A slight bit of cramping has come and gone. Surprisingly I haven’t been that irritable. Super hungry up until yesterday. For the past 24 hours I’ve had basically no appetite.

Sleep: Pretty good. Been waking up most nights for a bathroom break, but I’ve had a pretty easy time getting back to bed. I’m quite the restless sleeper, and I already have major back/neck/hip/knee issues, so I’m already thinking of ordering a pregnancy pillow in a couple of weeks.

Cravings: Nothing specific, just food in general. The cold kind of scaled down my appetite this week though.

What I Miss: Not hiding a huge secret from everyone I interact with! I am normally quite the open book.

Best Moment This Week: Telling Will’s parents and siblings. We weren’t planning on telling his siblings, but they figured us out. One of our SILs swore I was “glowing”. The other said the no drinking lately is what tipped her off, then she could just tell. I am happy to have a few extra people praying for us, and someone to be excited with, so no harm done.

Looking Forward To: Our 10 week appointment when we can hear the heartbeat! Friday is my “week change day” and I have never looked forward to a day so much.

Thankful For: A husband that treats me like a princess. Even though I’ve felt pretty good, I’ve had ZERO interest in cooking or cleaning. So grateful he is there to pick up the slack and give me some extra TLC.

Seven Week Update
How Far Along: 7 weeks. Closing out the second month!

Size of Baby: Blueberry. I almost had blueberries for breakfast today, but since that’s what all my apps are comparing the little babe to, it didn’t seem right haha.

Gender: TBD. I read that the girl or boy parts are starting to make their appearance this week. I’ve always wanted daughter(s), but for some reason I think it will be a boy.

Weight Gain: Up two pounds from pre prego weight.

Feeling: Still pretty good. Not feeling 100%, but no major complaints either.

Maternity Clothes: Getting close to needing a belly band for my jeans with my bloated tummy (most of my jeans were too tight to begin with). Not making any purchases though until we hear the heartbeat. I am so superstitious, I have to take all precautions.

Nursery: Still a guest room.

Movement: Too early.

Symptoms: Tired. No food sounds good one minute, then starving the next. A few serious waves of nausea, but not every day and no throwing up. I get more like “late afternoon sickness” every once in a while as opposed to any problems in the morning.

Sleep: Decent. I’ve made it through the past couple of nights without having to wake up and use the restroom. I plan to purchase a pillow to put between my legs while I sleep because my knees and hips have been killing me at night, but holding off on that as well for the same reason as the belly band.

Cravings: Nothing too intense. The things that have tasted escpecially good to me lately are rainbow sherbert from UDF, tacos, and salads. The salad bar in my work’s cafeteria is my best friend right now.

What I Miss: Energy! I haven’t felt like cooking or cleaning at all lately and I really feel for Will. The poor guy is not the best chef so he’s had to deal with some less than stellar meals lately. Hoping to get back in my groove soon.

Best Moment This Week: Finding out we get to hear the heart beat much sooner than expected! Long story short, we switched to an OB that does a dating ultrasound instead of waiting until we're far along enough to hear the heartbeat with a doppler. Yay!

Looking Forward To: See above.

Thankful For: My husband. Modern medicine that can soothe my crazy worries and fears. Pregnancy apps for frequent updates. My faith in God, and the comfort in knowing that ultimately this is in his hands.
Erin LFF said...

I'm so glad you are able to shout it from the rooftops now!! :) Looking forward to following along with your pregnancy... so happy for you girl!!

Caitlyn {Home Sweet Ruby} said...

Congrats on the little one!! So exciting! We aren't trying for a babe yet but it is good seeing someone sharing this info early-on! :)

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